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Tempted By His Kiss – Tracy Anne Warren

Warren, Tracy Anne. Tempted By His Kiss. (New York: Avon, 2009). ISBN – 9780061673405.

Book Disclosure: This is a borrowed copy.

Main Characters: Margaret Amberley and Lord Cade Byron

Related Works: This is part of the Byron’s of Braebourne series. Books in the series include the following:

  1. Charmed by Her Smile – the story of India Byron and Quentin Marlowe, the Duke of Weybridge – part of the Four Dukes and a Devil anthology
  2. Tempted by His Kiss – the story of Margaret Amberley and Lord Cade Byron
  3. Seduced by His Touch – the story of Lord Jack Byron and Grace Danvers
  4. At the Duke’s Pleasure – the story of Edward Byron, the Duke of Clybourne and Lady Claire Marsden
  5. Wicked Delights of a Bridal Bed – to be released in September 2010

Description from the Book:

Orphaned beauty Meg Amberley never planned to pose as Lord Cade Byron’s fiancee. Caught in a snowstorm, she takes refuge at his estate. Stranded together, Meg soon finds herself falling under Cade’s spell. When the roads clear, she intends to leave, but fate intervenes.

Haunted by his past, Cade Byron has buried himself in the country. The Meg – with her lush curves – invades his house and his life. With her reputation compromised, he proposes a pretend engagement and a London season where she can find a husband.

But as their charade deepens, Cade can’t let her go . . . vowing to tempt her with a kiss that just may lead to forever.

My Thoughts:

Several years ago, I read one of Tracy Anne Warren’s early works – I can’t remember which one. I had a hard time getting through the book and remember getting rather irritated with the heroine. I have kind of avoided her books since. However, my cousin had copies of the books in Warren’s current series, the Byron’s of Braebourne, and she lent them to me. So late yesterday, I decided to pick up Tempted by His Kiss.

Boy, am I glad that I did. Both Meg and Cade made their way into my heart very quickly. I certainly can’t resist the tortured male heroes – and Cade is certainly one of those. While on a mission for the English government, he was captured and tortured by the French. His captors shot him, nearly garrotted him, murdered his fiancée’s family and repeatedly raped his fiancée in front of him. Cade survived, but returned home a broken man. He retreated to a far off estate and isolated himself from his family.

Because of a snow storm, Meg is forced to take refuge at Cade’s home. Cade does his best to avoid his young  houseguest, but Meg won’t let him. When her reputation is nearly ruined, Cade must face his demons and take her to London while posing as her fiancé. As they spend more and more time together, Cade finds himself becoming quite enamored. However, because of his past, he does not believe that he can love again. Nor does he believe that he is good enough for Meg. Meanwhile the traitor who betrayed Cade to the French resurfaces.

Overall, I found this to be a delightful story. The Byrons are a very engaging family, and I can’t wait to get started on the next book in this series.

Final Thought: This book is well worth a read for fans of historical romance.

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The reviewer borrowed a copy of this book.

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Guilty Pleasure – Lora Leigh

Leigh, Lora. Guilty Pleasure. (New York: St. Martins, 2010). ISBN – 9780312541866).

Main Characters: Marty Matthews and Khalid el Hamid-Mustafa. Shayne Connor is Khalid’s third

Related Works: This book is part of Lora Leigh’s Bound Heart series which includes the following works:

  • Surrender – appeared in an anthology titled Ties that Bind which also includes a story by Jaid Black. Surrender is Tess Delacourte and Cole Andrews’ story; Jesse Wyman acts as Cole’s third.
  • Submission – in the Submission/Seduction duo. This is the story of Ella James (Tess Delacourte’s mother) and James Wyman.
  • Seduction – in the Submission/Seduction duo. This is Jesse Wyman and Terrie Wyman’s story.
  • Wicked Intent – in the Wicked Intent duo. This is he story of the relationship between Tally Raines, Lucian Conover and Devril Conover.
  • Sacrifice – in the Wicked Intent duo. This is Kimberly Madison and Jared Reddington’s story; Ian Sinclair is Jared’s third.
  • Embraced – in the Shameless Embraces duo. This is the story of Marey and Sax Brogan.
  • Shameless – in the Shameless Embraces duo. This is Ian Sinclair and Courtney Mattlaw’s story; Khalid el Hamid-Mustafa is Ian’s third.
  • Forbidden Pleasure– This is the story of the romance between John “Mac” McCoy, Keily Hardin and Jethro Riggs.
  • Wicked Pleasure – Cameron Falladay and Jaci Wrights’ story; Cameron’s brother Chase is his third.
  • Only Pleasure – Chase Falladay and Kia Rutherford-Stanton’s story; Khalid el Hamid-Mustafa is Chase’s third. 
  • Guilty Pleasure – story of Marty Matthews and Khalid el Hamid-Mustafa; Shayne Connor is Khalid’s third.

Description from the Book:

Marty Matthews had always known about the secret, forbidden pleasures that the women she had grown up with enjoyed. Women whose husbands or lovers were members of the exclusive Club, where they took a selected third into their beds. And there is one man – a dangerous, forbidden man – who is part of this world and who has haunted Marty’s dreams for years. But she has also been the FBI agent assigned to shadow him, making him completely off-limits. . . . That is, until Khalid is cleared and Marty is released from her assignment. Now all bets are off. . . .

The beautiful, fierce Marty Matthews is the one woman Khalid hungers for like no other and is the one woman he dare not let himself have. His past dogs his every step and danger lurks around every corner. If he wants to keep her safe, he must stay away from her. But the power of their desire is something they cannot deny – and once Marty is his, Khalid will do whatever it takes to keep her in his bed and in his arms forever.

My Thoughts:

I am a huge fan of this series by Lora Leigh and have enjoyed all of the books in this series. Khalid has been in several of the previous books – usually as a third to the main couple. I was incredibly intrigued by him in Shameless – Ian Sinclair and Courtney Mattlaw’s story – and became even more enamored of him in Only Pleasure. I have been waiting for his story for quite some time. Fortunately, I was not disappointed in any way.

Khalid and Marty have known each other for many years. Marty has always had a crush on him despite the fact that he would not go near her. He does have good reason – fear that his brothers will go after any woman he loves. So, he has spent many years hiding his feelings. However, Marty has had enough of waiting for Khalid. She decides to seduce him, and Khalid finds that he can’t resist her. He realizes that he cannot hide his feelings for Marty, and as such, he has definitely pulled her into his battle with his terrorist brothers.

Marty is an interesting character. She is an FBI agent who was raised by a U.S. senator and the FBI director. She can take care of herself and refuses to be coddled – something that her godfather (FBI director) insists upon doing. This leads to some serious struggles between Marty on the one side and her father, godfather and Khalid on the other.

Ultimately, I loved the relationship between Khalid and Marty. There was some serious romantic and sexual tension between the two – and the culmination of all of that sexual tension did not disappoint either. The issue of the need for a third was a bit of a non-issue. Marty grew up in a family that consisted of her mother and her mother’s two lovers –  both of whom she regarded as fathers. Both fathers were members of the Club, so Marty was very aware and comfortable with this particular fetish.

Khalid choose Shayne Connor to be his third – a new character, I think. Marty knew what to expect – hence, why I think this whole angle was a rather non-issue. Or maybe, I am just very used to it now that this series is established. Shayne certainly added to the story, as part of the team working on protecting Khalid and Marty. Marty also knew him – and it seemed as if Shayne had more than a passing interest in acting as the third. And of course, he came in very handy at the end of the story.

The bottom line is that I absolutely loved Khalid – and this story made me love him even more.

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The reviewer paid for her copy of this book.

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Coming Undone – Lauren Dane

Dane, Lauren. Coming Undone. (New York: Berkley, 2009). ISBN – 9780425232705.

Main Characters: Brody Brown and Elise Sorenson

Related Works: Brody Brown’s younger sister is the heroine of Dane’s Laid Bare (story of Erin Brown, Todd Keenan and Ben Copeland)

Description from the Book:

Keeping it together

Brody Brown has always been responsible for others. After his parents’ deaths, he gave up a promising artistic career to care for his younger brother and sister. Now, with his siblings grown, Brody runs his own business, has a nice house and makes a good living. And for the first time in years, he’s on his own.

Elise Sorenson has come to Seattle with her young daughter to find peace. She spent years as a world-famous ballerina – and just as many years in a marriage gone bad – and now she’s looking for neither love nor attention. To her surprise she finds both in the handsome, honest man who befriends her with no strings attached.

More than just being friends, Brody and Elise discover in each other what they need – wild, physical passion without commitment. But it’ll take a shadow from Elise’s past to make them look beyond their basic needs – to what they truly desire.

My Thoughts:

This was an interesting book. I certainly enjoyed it. I definitely felt a connection with the main characters – Brody and Elise (and really liked Elise’s daughter Irene) – something which is critical for me when reading romances. I also loved their relationship. Yet, I certainly didn’t enjoy this book nearly as much as the book about Brody’s sister Erin (Laid Bare one of my favorite books of 2009). Something was definitely missing in Coming Undone, and I wasn’t entirely sure what until I read this review of it at Dear Author. There was very little romantic conflict or tension in the book. Brody and Elise meet when Elise rushes to Brody’s aid after being struck by a car. He likes her, she likes him, but both are in a place in their life where they don’t think they have room for a serious relationship. So, they decide to be exclusive friends with benefits. It was all a bit routine.

This relationship carries on for a year. Along the way, there are issues: Brody’s ex-girlfriend is jealous of Brody’s new romance, Brody and Elise refuse to acknowledge their growing feelings for each other and Elise’s past comes back to threaten her new found happiness. These things all happen very matter of factly, and none of them actually seem to threaten the relationship. While dealing with the threat from Elise’s inlaws, both Brody and Elise realize they are in love. Neither feels like telling the other, however.

It seems strange to think that there should have been more conflict – and I’m not sure that is the answer. I guess maybe I’m thinking that there needed to be one issue that could cause conflict throughout the entire story rather than the assertion in the beginning that both characters were not looking for commitment and then the development of the threat against Elise’s daughter in the latter half of the book. Really, I’m not entirely sure what the problem was, but there was definitely something missing from the overall story.

Regardless of the problems, I would read the book again. One of my favorite things about this book (and the series) is the Brown family itself. We got to meet Brody, Adrian and Erin in Laid Bare, and they all figure prominently in this volume. This to me, made reading this book well worth it. I am very much hoping that Dane plans to give Adrian his own HEA. I know the next book features the Brown family friend (and Ben’s brother), Andrew Copeland, aka Cope. It is already on my list of books to buy.

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The reviewer paid for this book.

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Hunting Julian – Jacquelyn Frank

Frank, Jacquelyn. Hunting Julian. (New York: Zebra, 2009). ISBN – 9781420104257.

Main Characters: Julian Sawyer and Asia CallahanHunting Julian

Related Works: This is the first book in Jacquelyn Frank’s new series The Gatherers. Books in the series include the following:

  1. Hunting Julian – story of Julian Sawyer and Asia Callahan
  2. Stealing Kathryn – story of Kathryn and Adrian

Description from the Book:

As a Gatherer for his colony, Julian Sawyer travels to Earth to bring back the Chosen – women who possess energy potent enough to help revitalize his people. the stunning, silver-clad beauty who strides into his club one night radiates a sensual magnetism unlike any he’s encountered, and Julian realizes that Asia Callahan is not just Chosen, she is his kindra: his one true mate.

For months, Asia has traced the beautiful and mysterious Julian across the country, convinced that he’s behind the disappearance of her sister and a dozen other women. She believes he’s a ruthless killer, but she discovers that the truth is far more shocking. Taken to a strange, hazardous realm she never knew existed, Asia will face the ultimate choice – between abandoning the life she’s always known, and forsaking a passion as dangerous as it is powerful.

My Thoughts:

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what my reaction is to Hunting Julian. I have been a big fan of Frank, since I first read one of her Nightwalker stories. Since then, I have absolutely loved everything Frank has written. I picked up this book with heavy expectations. I was certainly caught up in the story early on. However, once Julian and Asia left Earth for Beneath, I started to have difficulties with the book. I think that my reaction is because I couldn’t really connect with Julian’s world. Beneath is another dimension that exists far beneath Earth. The colony is built on the sides of some massive cliff with no visible ground. There are a bizarre system of nets strung between the cliffs to catch children that might fall off the walkways that go from level to level. These walkways have no railings because of many types of predators that exist.

The people of Beneath live on energy – this is what they feed on. They are currently starving because of a reoccurring plague that has killed off the majority of their women. Gatherers from various colonies travel to Earth and take Chosen women back to Beneath so that they can server as breeders (the women are given a choice). Julian is a Gatherer. While on Earth, he meets Asia and quickly realized she is his mate – his kindra. Kin relationships are quite rare – and are something that have the ability to put out enough energy to save their entire colonies.

This was something else that seemed very odd to me. After Julian and Asia have sex for the first time, they give off enough positive energy to feed Julian’s whole world. All of the infirm children were well; the ghostly Ampliphi (ruling body) were all corporeal; no one was starving; and everyone knew the source of the healing energy. While the concept of energy from lovemaking as healing energy is totally cool, this made for a bizarre situation where Julian’s people began to suffer again when he and Asia did not make love again for a while. This made Julian and Asia’s relationship less about them and more about saving his people – a somewhat unromantic concept for me.

Also, Asia got on my nerves a bit. She was an extremely strong and independent women who was unwilling to open herself up to the idea of love. Given her standoff nature, the fact that Julian kidnapped her was something she found it very difficult to overcome. I understood her position, I really did, but got tired of her repeated refrain of “I can’t be what you need.”

Now, I don’t mean to be harsh. I think that Frank has an incredible imagination and comes up with some incredibly different worlds. I believe that with subsequent stories, I will get used to the world of Beneath (I’m pretty sure that I was put off by the Shadowdwellers world at first). I am looking forward to the next book in the series, Stealing Kathryn. Adrian has already captured my interest.

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Beloved Vampire – Joey W. Hill

Hill, Joey W. Beloved Vampire. (New York: Berkley, 2009). ISBN – 9780425227954.

Main Characters: Jessica Tyson and Lord MasonBeloved Vampire

Related Works: This is part of Joey W. Hill’s Vampire Queen series. The other books in the series include the following titles:

  1. Vampire Queen’s Servant – story of Lady Elyssa and Jacob Green
  2. The Mark of the Vampire Queen – continuation of the story of Lady Lyssa and Jacob Green
  3. A Vampire’s Claim – story of Lady Daniela and Dev
  4. Beloved Vampire – story of Jessica Tyson and Lord Mason
  5. Vampire Mistress – story of Gideon Green and Mistress Anwyn and Daegan Rei – to be published in May 2010

Description from the Book:

After escaping the depraved servitude of a vampire master she killed, Jessica has found her way to the sunbaked desolation of the Sahara, where she hopes to perish.Then she hears the tale of Farida, an enigmatic beauty lost to the Sahara three hundred years ago, who long-ago desire for the legendary vampire Lord Mason awakens the same desire in Jessica.

Lord Mason has lived as a recluse for centuries, brooding over the loss of his beloved. Then he meets Jessica, and his passions are reborn. So is his obsession with the past. But the more Jessica’s fatal curiosity reveals of Farida, the closer she gets to Lord Mason’s secret-something forbidden, something irresistible, something he must keep hidden forever if Jessica is to be his new love . . . for eternity.

My Thoughts:
Joey W. Hill has a gift for delving deep into the emotions of her characters. This is certainly the case in Beloved Vampire whose heroine, Jessica, is a very damaged soul. She had been subjected to extreme horrors at the hands of a vampire master – one she was eventually able to kill. The death of her master leaves her dying. She decides to journey to the desert to find the final resting place of Farida – a woman whose diary she has been reading. Farida’s descriptions of her love for Lord Mason are what gave Jessica the strength to free herself from her master. So she plans to find Farida’s tomb so that she can die there. Of course, nothing is that simple. Lord Mason is actually at the tomb and finds himself having to fight off Jessica’s guides. When Jessica is injured, Lord Mason finds that he cannot let her die. He marks Jessica as his third-marked servant removing the ties to her former master.

When Jessica wakes up, she finds herself in servitude to Lord Mason. It seems as if she has just traded servitude from one vampire to another. She certainly doesn’t settle in easily and is unwilling to believe that not all vampires are as easy as her former master. She fights Lord Mason and his servants while struggling to come to grips with her new situation. Mason and his two other third-marked servants set out to woo Jessica – to prove to her that she is safe in her new home. As the story unfolds, Mason and Jessica find peace with each other and their vampiric bond with one another.

I found this a very fascinating tale. Both Jessica and Lord Mason were characters that captured my imagination – as tortured souls often do. There were, however, several issues that I thought were left unresolved. As I mentioned, Lord Mason had two third-marked servants before he met Jess. The two, Enrique and Amara, are a married couple that serve all of the needs of their master – including his sexual needs. While Mason and Jessica each deal with jealously at various points in the story, the author doesn’t really deal with the relationship between Mason, Enrique and Amara and how that relationship would change with the addition of Jessica into the household. Mason hasn’t truly bonded with the two servants, not wanting to break their marital bond. However, we never really get to see how Amara and Enrique deal with  Jessica once she and Mason consummate their relationship. In fact, the two married servants are away for a good portion of the latter part of the book. I guess I found that odd.

My other issue comes from the BDSM aspects of the story. I’ve read several of Hill’s earlier works, and this is a running theme. In this book, we are told several times that Hill’s vampires are a dominant lot who look for naturally submissive humans for their servants. Lord Mason tells Jessica several times that if she chooses to stay with him, he will demand her surrender. I think he backs off on this a bit because of the abuse that Jessica suffered at the hands of her former master. I understood this, but felt that Hill kept telling us that vampires require submission and fell a bit short of that mark.

I do admit that part of my reaction in this vein comes from the fact that I have read several of Hill’s earlier works – works that were published by smaller publishers – works that portrayed some rather extreme BDSM practices (and the characters’ emotional reactions to these practices). I tend to forget that when authors make the jump to major publishing houses, the more extreme aspects of their plots are often tamed down considerably.

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My Favorite Reads of 2009

This is a list of my favorite books from 2009. There are a couple of caveats. This list is restricted to paper books that were new reads in 2009. I need to go through the ebooks and try to remember them all at some point. However, at this point, I’m just excluding them.

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Roundup for 2009

Books I Have Read in 2009:

  1. Her Secret Lover – Sara Bennett
  2. Hot Nights – Shannon McKenna
  3. Dangerous Ride – Vonna Harper (re-read)
  4. Soul Deep – Lora Leigh (re-read)
  5. Only Pleasure – Lora Leigh
  6. Plum Spooky – Janet Evanovich
  7. Seduced at Midnight – Jacquie D’Alessandro
  8. Between the Devil and Desire – Lorraine Heath
  9. New Moon – Stephanie Meyer
  10. Standing in the Shadows – Shannon McKenna
  11. The Edge of Impropriety – Pam Rosenthal
  12. Dawnkeepers – Jessica Andersen
  13. Ultimate Weapon – Shannon McKenna
  14. Kiss of a Demon King – Kresley Cole
  15. Behind Closed Doors – Shannon McKenna
  16. Out of Control – Shannon McKenna
  17. The Bride Price – Anne Mallory
  18. The Heir and the Spare – Maya Rodale
  19. The Vampire Who Loved Me – Teresa Medeiros
  20. Always Look Twice – Geralyn Dawson
  21. All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire – Kerrelyn Sparks
  22. Her Kind of Hero – Diana Palmer (anthology including The Last Mercenary and Matt Caldwell: Texas Tycoon) read again
  23. When a Stranger Loves Me – Julianne MacLean
  24. The Ambassador’s Daughter – Paige Tyler
  25. Dark of Night – Suzanne Brockmann (Part 1: Sophia and Dave, Part 2: Decker and Tracy, Part 3: General Thoughts)
  26. The Sins of Lord Easterbrook – Madeline Hunter
  27. Dark Secret – Christine Feehan
  28. Enough Love for Two – Maggie Casper (ebook)
  29. Retreat – Mari Carr (ebook)
  30. Dangerous Games – Charlene Teglia (ebook)
  31. Taken – Lillian Feisty (ebook)
  32. Chance of a Lifetime – Portia da Costa (ebook)
  33. The Invitation – Lacy Danes (ebook)
  34. Librarian By Day – Paige Tyler (ebook)
  35. Arresting Abby – Cheryl Dragon (ebook)
  36. Club Shadowlands – Cherise Sinclair (ebook)
  37. Danger Zone – Sierra Cartwright (ebook)
  38. The First Sin – Cheyenne McCray
  39. The Courtesan’s Wager – Claudia Dain
  40. Scandal – Carolyn Jewel
  41. The Rogue and the Royal – Maya Rodale
  42. Dream Warrior – Sherrilyn Kenyon
  43. Coyote’s Mate – Lora Leigh
  44. Dreaming of You – Lisa Kleypas
  45. Secrets of Surrender – Madeline Hunter
  46. To Sin with a Stranger – Kathryn Caskie
  47. My True Love – Cheryl Holt
  48. Seduce Me at Sunrise – Lisa Kleypas (re-read)
  49. Bound – Sasha White (re-read)
  50. Erin’s Fancy – N.J. Walters (re-read)
  51. Club de Sade – Claire Thompson
  52. Dangerous Desires – Julia Templeton
  53. Enticements – N.J. Walters – (anthology including Capturing Carly and Craving Candy)
  54. Rituals of Passions (Brides of Caralon 1) – Lacey Alexander
  55. The Edge of Desire – Stephanie Laurens (re-read)
  56. Evermore – Lynne Viehl
  57. See No Evil – Allison Brennan
  58. Night Hawk – Lora Leigh – short e-story from Elite Ops series
  59. Covert Lessons – Mari Carr (ebook)
  60. One Night with Anubis – Grace Samuels (ebook)
  61. When in Rio – Delphine Dryden (ebook)
  62. Dark Need – Lynn Viehl
  63. Maverick – Lora Leigh
  64. Total Surrender – Cheyenne McCray
  65. The Kissing Game – Suzanne Brockmann
  66. To Romance a Charming Rogue – Nicole Jordan
  67. Stay the Night – Lynn Viehl
  68. Temptation and Surrender – Stephanie Laurens
  69. Wolf Unbound – Lauren Dane
  70. Submission – Cherie Feather
  71. Darkness Revealed – Alexandra Ivy
  72. Cowgirl Up and Ride – Lorelei James (re-read)
  73. If Angels Burn – Lynn Viehl
  74. The Prime Objective – Ginna Gray
  75. Private Demon – Lynn Viehl
  76. Night Lost – Lynn Viehl
  77. Twilight Fall – Lynn Viehl
  78. Love with a Perfect Scoundrel – Sophia Nash
  79. Bride of a Wicked Scotsman – Samantha James
  80. To Seduce a Sinner – Elizabeth Hoyt
  81. The Dangerous Duke – Christine Wells
  82. Seduced by Darkness – Delilah Devlin
  83. Diamond in the Rough – Diana Palmer
  84. Bedded for the Spaniard’s Pleasure – Carole Mortimer
  85. The Art of Desire – Cherie Feather
  86. Dangerous Games – Jayne Ann Krentz – anthology including The Devil to Pay and Wizard originally published as Stephanie James
  87. The Prince of Pleasure – Nicole Jordan
  88. Branded As Trouble – Lorelei James (ebook)
  89. Chance’s Rules – Reese Gabriel (ebook)
  90. Standoff – Lauren Dane (ebook)
  91. Fated – Lauren Dane (ebook)
  92. Prey – L.A. Day (ebook)
  93. Learning Control – Ann Jacobs (ebook)
  94. Anna in the Middle – Barbara Elsborg (ebook)
  95. Dance of Submission – Reese Gabriel (ebook)
  96. Jaxey’s Master – Reese Gabriel (ebook)
  97. Kiss Me, Kate – Mari Carr (ebook)
  98. VoyEx – Liz Andrews (ebook)
  99. The Vampire’s Bride – Gena Showalter
  100. Heartbreakers – Caitlyn Willows – anthology including What about Love?, Crazy on You, If Looks Could Kill and Magic Man
  101. Some Like it Wild – Teresa Medeiros
  102. The Club – Sharon Page
  103. Her Notorious Viscount – Jenna Petersen
  104. The Warlord’s Daughter – Susan Grant
  105. Tempt the Devil – Anna Campbell
  106. Nauti Intentions – Lora Leigh
  107. Riding on Instinct – Jaci Burton
  108. Tempted at Midnight – Jacquie D’Alessandro
  109. The Australian’s Society Bride – Margaret Way
  110. Fury Calls – Caridad Pineiro
  111. Compromised – Kate Noble
  112. A Rake’s Guide to Seduction – Caroline Linden
  113. Secrets of a Duchess – Kaitlin O’Riley
  114. Wild Card – Lora Leigh (re-read)
  115. The Gilded Web – Mary Balogh
  116. The Perfect Pen – Amanda Quick
  117. Mercenary’s Woman – Diana Palmer (re-read)
  118. Desperado – Diana Palmer (re-read)
  119. The Patient Nurse – Diana Palmer (re-read)
  120. September Morning – Diana Palmer (re-read)
  121. The Case of the Mesmerizing Boss – Diana Palmer (re-read)
  122. Lover Avenged – J.R. Ward
  123. Submissive Desires – Carolyn Faulkner
  124. Dance of Seduction – Elle Kennedy
  125. Something Naughty This Way Comes – Kaenar Langford (ebook)
  126. Sugar and Spice – Mari Carr (ebook)
  127. Consort – Kim Knox (ebook)
  128. Dark Citadel – Cherise Sinclair (ebook)
  129. First Taste – Lyra Marlowe (ebook)
  130. Unfair Advantage – Qwillia Rain (ebook)
  131. Into the Darkness – Delilah Devlin
  132. Red-Hot Summer – anthology with Reckless by Maya Banks, Color My Heart by Red Garnier, Heat of the Moment by Elle Kennedy and Lady Sings the Blues by Mallery Malone
  133. Taboo – Jess Michaels
  134. Unbroken – Maya Banks – anthology including the stories Undenied, Overheard and Understood
  135. Bound to Please – Lilli Feisty
  136. Simply Shameless – Kate Pearce
  137. At Love’s Command – Samantha Kane
  138. Always a Scoundrel – Suzanne Enoch
  139. Hunter’s Edge – Shiloh Walker
  140. Relentless – Laurne Dane
  141. Chains – Shiloh Walker – anthology including Renee: Chains of Rebellion, Lacey: Chains of Longing and Sherra: Chains of Memory
  142. All About Men – Shannon McKenna – anthology including Something Wild, Meltdown and Touch Me
  143. Surpassing Fantasy – Elle W. – anthology with many short stories
  144. The Case of the Confirmed Bachelor – Diana Palmer (re-read)
  145. Dangerous Ties – anthology including Personal Possessions by Devyn Quinn, Captive Heat by Jodi Lynn Copeland, and Rapture Bound by Anya Howard
  146. The Case of the Missing Secretary – Diana Palmer (re-read)
  147. Lionhearted – Diana Palmer (re-read)
  148. The Australian – Diana Palmer (re-read)
  149. Connal –  Diana Palmer (re-read)
  150. The Virgin’s Secret – Victoria Alexander
  151. Not Quite a Husband – Sherry Thomas
  152. Mastering the Marquis – Vanessa Kelly
  153. To Beguile a Beast – Elizabeth Hoyt
  154. The Naked Baron – Sally Mackenzie
  155. Edge of Desire – Rhyannon Byrd
  156. The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie – Jennifer Ashley
  157. This Duchess of Mine – Eloisa James
  158. Ashes of Midnight – Lara Adrian
  159. Heartless – Diana Palmer
  160. Highland Scandal – Julia London
  161. Led Astray By a Rake – Sara Bennett
  162. Strong Silent Type – Lorelei James (ebook)
  163. Terms of Surrender – Becky Barker (ebook)
  164. The Cowboy Way – Cat Lovington (ebook)
  165. Seducing Jane Porter – Dominique Adair (ebook)
  166. Educating Jane Porter – Dominique Adair (ebook)
  167. Reinventing Jane Porter – Dominique Adair (ebook)
  168. Kyle’s Bargain – Katherine Kingston (ebook)
  169. Capturing Casey’s Heart – Maggie Casper (ebook)
  170. Spanking Sara – Alyssa Brooks (ebook)
  171. Stress Relief – Diana Hunter (ebook)
  172. Two Loves for Alex – Claire Sullivan (ebook)
  173. All She Wants for Christmas/The Trouble with New Year’s Resolutions – Paige Tyler
  174. Sweet Persuasion – Maya Banks
  175. Don’t Bargain With the Devil – Sabrina Jeffries
  176. Graceful Submission – Melinda Barron (re-read; first time in paper)
  177. A Hint of Wicked – Jennifer Haymore
  178. Tied Up, Tied Down – Lorelei James (re-read; first time in paper)
  179. Scandalizing the Ton – Diane Gaston
  180. The Confessions of a Duchess – Nicola Cornick
  181. Confessions of a Little Black Gown – Elizabeth Boyle
  182. Regan’s Pride – Diana Palmer  (re-read)
  183. Savage Obsession – Diana Hamilton (re-read)
  184. Dark Guardian – Rebecca King (re-read)
  185. Guardian Angel – Julie Garwood (re-read)
  186. Trial of Innocence – Anne Mather (re-read)
  187. Paper Rose – Diana Palmer (re-read)
  188. Brotherly Bonds – Brynn Paulin – anthology including On Your Knees, All Chained Up, Master Me,  and Gentle Control (re-read – first time in print)
  189. A Rogue of My Own – Johanna Lindsey
  190. Eclipse – Stephanie Meyer
  191. Secret Thirst – Evangeline Anderson
  192. Sins of a Wicked Duke – Sophie Jordan
  193. Breaking Dawn – Stephanie Meyer
  194. Leather and Lace – Taylor Tryst
  195. To Taste Temptation – Elizabeth Hoyt
  196. Wed Him Before You Bed Him – Sabrina Jeffries
  197. Real Men Last All Night – anthology including Cooper’s Falls by Lora Leigh, Luring Lucy by Lori Foster, The Edge of Sin by Cheyenne McCray and Wanted: A Real Man by Heidi Betts
  198. Finger Lickin’ Fifteen – Janet Evanovich
  199. Darkness Burning – Delilah Devlin
  200. Secret Ties – Opal Carew
  201. A Duke to Die For – Amelia Grey
  202. B.A.D. Attitude – Sherrilyn Kenyon
  203. Seduce the Darkness – Gena Showalter
  204. Auctioning Charity – Reese Gabriel (ebook)
  205. Eye of the Storm – Ann Jacobs (ebook)
  206. Everything Nice – Mari Carr (ebook)
  207. Hard on Miss Hardin – Lyla Sinclair (ebook)
  208. Illegal Moves – Dalton Diaz and Samantha Cayto (ebook)
  209. Papaya Paradise – Brigit Zahara (ebook)
  210. Riding Out the Storm – Desiree Holt (ebook)
  211. Beg Me – Desiree Holt (ebook)
  212. Interlude – Desiree Holt (ebook)
  213. Running Wild – Saskia Walker (ebook)
  214. Seduced by the Neighbor – Crissy Smith (ebook)
  215. What Happens in London – Julia Quinn
  216. Rapture – Jacquelyn Frank
  217. Four Dukes and a Devil – anthology with The Irish Duke by Cathy Maxwell, The Duke Who Came to Dinner by Elaine Fox, The Devil to Pay by Jeaniene Frost, The Catch of the Century by Sophia Nash, and Charmed by Her Smile by Tracy Anne Warren
  218. My Forbidden Desire – Carolyn Jewel
  219. Passion Unleashed – Larissa Ione
  220. Outback Heiress, Surprise Proposal – Margaret Way
  221. Wickedly Ever After – Michelle Marcos
  222. Surrender to the Devil – Lorraine Heath
  223. For the Earl’s Pleasure – Anne Mallory
  224. Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress – Elizabeth Boyle
  225. My Wicked Marquess – Gaelen Foley
  226. Fair Game – Jasmine Haynes
  227. Midnight’s Master – Cynthia Eden
  228. The Charade – Mackenzie McKade
  229. Veteran’s 1: Through the Fire – anthology including Through the Fire by Liz Andrews and Risen from Ash by Rachel Bo
  230. Bound by Your Touch – Meredith Duran
  231. Mastered by Love – Stephanie Laurens
  232. A Duke of Her Own – Eloisa James
  233. Hot Pursuit – Suzanne Brockmann
  234. To Ruin the Duke – Debra Mullins
  235. The Infamous Rogue – Alexandra Benedict
  236. Otherwise Engaged – Suzanne Brockmann
  237. Tasting Fear – Shannon McKenna
  238. Bengal’s Heart – Lora Leigh
  239. Bad Moon Rising – Sherrilyn Kenyon
  240. Skykeepers – Jessica Andersen
  241. The Sheik’s Captive – Honey Jans
  242. The Second Betrayal – Cheyenne McCray
  243. Since the Surrender – Julie Anne Long
  244. Laid Bare – Lauren Dane
  245. Beauty and the Duke – Melody Thomas
  246. One Weeks as Lovers – Victoria Dahl
  247. The Undoing of a Lady – Nicola Cornick
  248. Blood Surrender – edited by Cecilia Tan
  249. Pleasure Unbound – Larissa Ione
  250. Desire Unchained – Larissa Ione
  251. My Wicked Enemy – Carolyn Jewel
  252. The Scandals of an Innocent – Nicola Cornick
  253. Pleasure – Jacquelyn Frank
  254. Rough, Raw and Ready – Lorelei James (first time in paperback)
  255. Holiday Heat – anthology with Unraveled by Jaci Burton and Sweet Charity by Lauren Dane
  256. To Wed a Wicked Earl – Olivia Parker
  257. The Darkest Whisper – Gena Showalter
  258. Should Have Been a Cowboy – Lorelei James (ebook)
  259. Tempting Grace – Anne Rainey (ebook)
  260. Stolen Earth – Loribelle Hunt (ebook)
  261. Into the Lair – Maya Banks (ebook)
  262. Dear Sir, I’m Yours – Joely Sue Burkhart (ebook)
  263. The Trust She Yields – Jennifer Leland (ebook)
  264. Sting of Desire – Lilli Feisty (ebook)
  265. The Pearl at the Gate – Anya Delvay (ebook)
  266. Punishing Tabitha – Evangeline Anderson (ebook)
  267. Spitfire – Mari Carr (ebook)
  268. Submissive with Benefits – Reese Gabriel (ebook)
  269. Restrain Me – Alyssa Brooks and Larissa Lyons (ebook)
  270. Heat Seeker – Lora Leigh
  271. How to Dazzle a Duke – Claudia Dain
  272. Angels’ Blood – Nalini Singh
  273. Most Wanted – Sasha White
  274. Songbird – Maya Banks (ebook)
  275. Blade’s Desire – Leah Brooke (ebook)
  276. Her Best Man – Michelle Houston (ebook)
  277. Blind Date – Lucynda Storey (ebook)
  278. Just Between Friends – Dakota Trace (ebook)
  279. Compromising Situations – Emma Wildes (ebook)
  280. A Rose of Any Other Color: Book 2 Maledom – anthology (ebook)
  281. Price of Passion – Susan Napier – Harlequin Presents (ebook)
  282. Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch – B.J. Daniels – Harlequin Intrigue (ebook)
  283. An Indecent Proposition – Emma Wildes
  284. Tie Me Die – Tracy Wolff
  285. Cowboy Boots and Untamed Hearts – Natalie Acres (ebook)
  286. Dining In – Elise Logan (ebook)
  287. Jesse’s Hands – Emily Ryan-Davis (ebook)
  288. Love Slave for Two – Tymber Dalton (ebook)
  289. Love Slave for Two: Family Matters – Tymber Dalton (ebook)
  290. Cattleman’s Club: Patton’s Way – Jenny Penn (ebook)
  291. Sweet Restraint – Beth Kery
  292. The Cowboy and the Lady – Diana Palmer (re-read)
  293. Tempt Me at Twilight – Lisa Kleypas
  294. Wicked All Day – Liz Carlyle
  295. A Wicked Lord at the Wedding – Jillian Hunter
  296. Someone to Watch Over Me – Lisa Kleypas
  297. Atlantis Rising – Alyssa Day
  298. Shoot to Thrill – Nina Bruhns
  299. Voyeur – Roxy Harte (ebook)
  300. Educating Rose – Lissa Matthews (ebook)
  301. Submissive Dreams – Ashley Ladd (ebook)
  302. Persuading Suzanne – Amy O’Connor (ebook)
  303. The Gift – Honey Jans (ebook)
  304. Red Ribbons and Blue Balls – Tia Fanning
  305. Immortal Danger – Cynthia Eden
  306. Hot for the Holidays anthology – including Vampire’s Ball by Angela Knight, A Little Night Magic by Allyson James, Sweet Enchantment by Anya Bast and A Christmas Kiss by Lora Leigh
  307. Covet – J.R. Ward
  308. Shadowlight – Lynn Viehl
  309. The Earl Claims His Wife – Cathy Maxwell
  310. When Seducing a Duke – Kathryn Smith
  311. To Seek a Master – Monica Belle
  312. Sweet Surrender – Maya Banks
  313. Tucker’s Claim – Sarah McCarty
  314. Indiscreet – Carolyn Jewel
  315. Born of Night – Sherrilyn Kenyon
  316. Bound by Design – Natasha Moore
  317. Maison Domine – Skylar Kade
  318. The Initiation of Isabella – Jenna Ives
  319. Pink Buttercream Frosting – Lena Matthews
  320. Caleb – Sarah McCarty
  321. Victorian Brats – volume 1 – Melinda Barron
  322. Deep Kiss of Winter – anthology with Untouchable by Kresley Cole and Tempt Me Eternally by Gena Showalter
  323. No One But Madison – Doreen Orsini
  324. Master of the Shadowlands – anthology with Club Shadowlands and Dark Citadel by Cherise Sinclair
  325. The Secret – Julie Garwood (re-read)
  326. The Winter Man – anthology including Silent Night Man and Sutton’s Way by Diana Palmer (re-read)
  327. Simply Wicked – Kate Pearce
  328. To Desire a Devil – Elizabeth Hoyt
  329. Desire’s Awakening – Gail DeYoung (ebook)
  330. Master’s Runaway – Gail Starbright (ebook)
  331. Ningaloo Nights – Tracey Cooper-Posey (ebook)
  332. Tie Me, Tease Me – Reese Gabriel (ebook)
  333. Darkness Unleashed – Alexandra Ivy
  334. Luke:  Armed and Dangerous – Cheyenne McCray
  335. The Untamed Bride – Stephanie Laurens
  336. What the Duke Desires – Jenna Peteresen
  337. Midnight Pleasures with a Scoundrel – Lorraine Heath
  338. The Care and Taming of a Rogue – Suzanne Enoch
  339. Saving Grace – Julie Garwood (re-read)
  340. All Jacked Up – Lorelei James (ebook)
  341. Roughrider – Shawna Moore (ebook)
  342. If Looks Could Chill – Nina Bruhns
  343. Surrender to Fire – includes Fyre Brand and Surrender by Lora Leigh (re-read)
  344. Heart of Darkness – includes The Darkest Angel by Gena Showalter, Love Me to Death by Maggie Shayne and Lady of the Nile by Susan Krinard
  345. Beyond the Dark – includes Dragon Dance by Angela Knight, Caught by the Tides by Diane Whiteside, Queen of All She Surveys by Emma Holly and In a Wolf’s Embrace by Lora Leigh
  346. The Maverick – Diana Palmer
  347. Born of Fire – Sherrilyn Kenyon
  348. Born of Ice – Sherrilyn Kenyon
  349. The Man in the Black Leather Mask – Evangeline Anderson (ebook)
  350. Rigger – Kelly Jamieson (ebook)
  351. Beloved Vampire – Joey W. Hill
  352. Wild Instinct – including stories Garrett, Daire and Curran – Sarah McCarty
  353. Take Me Again – MacKenzie McKade
  354. Shades of Midnight – Lara Adrian
Posted by: Jennifer | December 31, 2009

Roundup for December 2009

Books I Have Read this Month:

  1. If Looks Could Chill – Nina Bruhns
  2. Surrender to Fire – includes Fyre Brand and Surrender by Lora Leigh (re-read)
  3. Heart of Darkness – includes The Darkest Angel by Gena Showalter, Love Me to Death by Maggie Shayne and Lady of the Nile by Susan Krinard
  4. Beyond the Dark – includes Dragon Dance by Angela Knight, Caught by the Tides by Diane Whiteside, Queen of All She Surveys by Emma Holly and In a Wolf’s Embrace by Lora Leigh
  5. The Maverick – Diana Palmer
  6. Born of Fire – Sherrilyn Kenyon
  7. Born of Ice – Sherrilyn Kenyon
  8. The Man in the Black Leather Mask – Evangeline Anderson (ebook)
  9. Rigger – Kelly Jamieson (ebook)
  10. Adored – Tina Donahue (ebook)
  11. Beloved Vampire – Joey W. Hill
  12. Wild Instinct – including stories Garrett, Daire and Curran – Sarah McCarty
  13. Take Me Again – Mackenzie McKade
  14. Shades of Midnight – Lara Adrian
Posted by: Jennifer | December 30, 2009

Wild Instinct – Sarah McCarty

McCarty, Sarah. Wild Instinct. (New York: Berkley, 2009). ISBN – 9780425227619.

Main Characters: Sarah Ann and Garrett; Teri and Daire; and Rachel and Curran

Related Works: This is part of McCarty’s Wild series: Books in the series include the following:

  • Running Wild – stories of Donovan and Lisa Delaney, Kelon and Robin Delaney and Wyatt and Heather Delaney
  • Wild Instinct – stories of Garrett and Sarah Ann, Teri and Daire and Rachel and Curran

Description from Book:

Garrett – Rejected from werewolf society because of his human blood, he is one of the most infamous rogue weres. Now, he’s been promised pack status in return for saving three women from certain doom. He never expects to find his mate in the midst of his mission, but he does. And as the heat rises between them, so do the risks.

Daire – A powerful rogue who rejected the strict rules of werewolf society, he has resigned himself to never finding a mate. Then he joins forces on an unusal rescue mission. In Teri, he discovers the one woman who can make him burn, but claiming her won’t be easy, for Teri is a woman who’s been taught to fear the beast within him.

Curran – Rogue, Protector, hunter. His job is simple: find the fugitive were-woman and bring her in. Trapping his bounty has never been a problem, yet this time his prey is the haunting Rachel, a woman of secrets. Claiming her will put both their lives in jeopardy, but once he finds her, he’s never letting her go.

My Thoughts:

I think that I might be burnt out on romance novels with werewolves – or maybe they weren’t my favorite topic to begin with, and I’m not too keen on reading any more about them. I’m not sure. I do remember reading the first book in the series, Running Wild, and being on the fence about whether or not to continue reading forthcoming books.  I definitely did not get that vested in the characters in that book. Also, I often don’t enjoy books with three distinct, but connected stories. However, there are several of Sarah McCarty’s earlier works that I absolutely adore. This prompted me to get Wild Instinct.

Overall, my reaction to Wild Instinct is quite similar to that of Running Wild. I didn’t really bond with any of the characters and found that the shorter stories didn’t help with character development. As such, I didn’t really care too much about the characters or about whether or not they were able to find true love. In fact, I can’t actually remember too much about any of the stories because I ended up skimming the majority of them. I feel compelled to stress that I didn’t read this book closely – and I think that my reactions to this book are more about my current annoyance with werewolves than the work itself. I am a fan of Sarah McCarty’s other series and definitely do plan to continue reading those.

Read first on December 28, 2009

Posted by: Jennifer | December 28, 2009

Roundup for November 2009

Books I Have Read This Month:

  1. Darkness Unleashed – Alexandra Ivy
  2. Luke:  Armed and Dangerous – Cheyenne McCray
  3. The Untamed Bride – Stephanie Laurens
  4. What the Duke Desires – Jenna Peteresen
  5. Midnight Pleasures with a Scoundrel – Lorraine Heath
  6. The Care and Taming of a Rogue – Suzanne Enoch
  7. Saving Grace – Julie Garwood (re-read)
  8. All Jacked Up – Lorelei James (ebook)
  9. Roughrider – Shawna Moore (ebook)

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