Welcome to the world of a romance novel and tv show junkie. I have created this blog as a place to keep track of my favorite books, tv shows, movies and more. My name is Jennifer. I can be reached at jenmarie52@yahoo.com.


  1. Question for Stephanie Laurens. In the Cynster novels how did Sebastian 5th Duke of St Ives Die?

  2. I’m not sure she ever made that clear. I too would love to know.

  3. Where do you usually download free books from the net?? Hope you’d reply

  4. Hi lainey! I guess it depends. I often buy my ebooks for the publisher’s sites – Ellora’s Cave, Samhain Publishing, etc. I have bought ebooks from Amazon, but don’t so much any more. When I buy ebooks, I usually buy pdfs – and I try to find pdfs that don’t have as many drm restrictions.

  5. Thanks for linking to us. Happy Holidays!! Email us for some interesting new features, especially for bloggers.

  6. Hey Jennifer,
    M addicted to your site! =)
    I love reading the historical romance too but we have limited historical romance novels here in Brunei hence I depends mainly on e-book.
    From your site, I know which books to look out for.
    Keep it up!

  7. Thank you very much iantie. I’m glad you enjoy this site.

  8. WE are a new site that reviews the romance genre and interview the authors!

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