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Seduced by His Touch – Tracy Anne Warren

Warren, Tracy Anne. Seduced by His Touch. (New York: Avon, 2009). ISBN – 9780061673412

Book Disclosure: This is a borrowed copy.

Main Characters: Lord Jack Byron and Grace Danvers

Related Works: This is part of the Byron’s of Braebourne series. Books in the series include the following:

  1. Charmed by Her Smile – the story of India Byron and Quentin Marlowe, the Duke of Weybridge – part of the Four Dukes and a Devil anthology
  2. Tempted by His Kiss – the story of Margaret Amberley and Lord Cade Byron
  3. Seduced by His Touch – the story of Lord Jack Byron and Grace Danvers
  4. At the Duke’s Pleasure – the story of Edward Byron, the Duke of Clybourne and Lady Claire Marsden
  5. Wicked Delights of a Bridal Bed – to be released in September 2010

Description from the Book:

He Had to Marry Her

Everyone in London agrees the Byrons are just as “mad, bad, and dangerous to know” as their poetic non-relation. But Lord Jack Byron is facing a predicament that is scandalous . . . even for him!

Marry a young woman because he lost a bet? Unreformed rake Lord Jack Byron would do anything to get out of it. But the rich merchant who holds his debt insists Jack lead his on-the-shelf daughter to the altar . . . and make her believe it is a love match. With no options, Jack agrees, thinking he’ll be shackled to a closed-in spinster.

But Grace Danvers is no milk-and-water miss. When he first encounters her in a London bookstore, Jack is struck by her tempting sensuality and soon becomes determined to bed-and wed-her (in that order!). Yet though he plans to seduce her with his touch, he never dreams he’ll also wants to win her with his love.

My Thoughts:

Two books into this series and the Byrons are shaping up to be one of my favorite romance novel families – right up there with Stephanie Laurens’ Cynsters, Johanna Lindsay’s Malorys and Julia Quinn’s Bridgertons. I’m thoroughly enamored with this family. In fact, my one complaint about Seduced by his Touch was that Ned didn’t get a chance to discuss concerns about the upcoming wedding with Jack. I so enjoyed the scenes between Cade and Ned in Tempted by His Kiss – and wished there had been something similar in this book. And Jack definitely could have used some brotherly advice several times during the book.

Despite this small issue, I seriously enjoyed Seduced by His Touch. I think I read it in about four hours – and definitely had trouble putting it down last night to go to sleep. I can admit that level of my attachment to a book is directly proportionate to my level of attachment to the hero. And, I was incredibly drawn to Jack Byron.

Jack is a man who finds himself in the unenviable position of losing a huge some of money to a man who is looking to marry off his daughter. Ezra Daniels seizes the opportunity to encourage a match between the brother of a duke and his daughter. Jack can’t see any way out of Ezra’s bargain. He agrees to the deal, but isn’t necessarily comfortable about doing so. I think that Warren did an excellent job showing the reader how Jack’s unemotional plan to seduce Grace Daniels into marriage became so much more than just a business transaction. It was easy to see that Jack was falling in love with Grace and that she was just what he needed in his life.

Of course, it can’t be that easy for Jack and Grace to find their HEA. Grace is a quiet woman who doesn’t believe herself worthy of a peer of the realm. She has trouble believing that anyone could love her – nevermind someone whose brother is a duke. Because of this, it was rather apparent that Grace would indeed learn of the arrangement between Jack and her father – and that this would be the point of contention.

Grace does learn about he arrangement, right before her wedding day. She chooses to go through with the ceremony, but live separately from Jack. Jack convinces her to wait until after the Season to help alleviate gossip. Grace agrees, but withdraws from any type of emotional relationship with Jack. When Grace sees Jack’s ex-mistress kiss him, her self-esteem is in tatters and she finally flees.

Grace and Jack do find their way back to each other with a little bit of help from some unlikely places. There were no spies, murderers or blackmailers bringing the couple back together – which was actually kind of nice!

Final Thought: This was one of the sweetest romances I have read in quite a while. I can’t wait for more of Tracy Anne Warren’s Byrons of Braebournes.

Read first on January 19, 2010

The reviewer borrowed a copy of this book.



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  3. I have to be honest, out of the three Tracy Anne Warren books in the Byron series, this one was my favorite.

  4. This one was your favorite? I can see why. I really enjoyed them all, but I think I have a thing for dukes.

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