Posted by: Jennifer | January 18, 2010

Viking in Love – Sandra Hill

Hill, Sandra. Viking in Love. (New York: Avon, 2010). ISBN – 9780061673498.

Main Characters: Caedmon of Larkspur and Princess Breanne of Stoneheim

Book Disclosure: This is a complimentary advanced uncorrected proof.

Related Works: This is part of Sandra Hill’s Viking Series I. Other books in the series include the following:

  1. The Reluctant Viking – story of Ruby Jordan and Thork Haraldsson
  2. The Outlaw Viking – story of Dr. Rain Jordan and Selik
  3. The Tarnished Lady – story of Lady Eadyth and Eirik of Ravenshire
  4. The Bewitched Viking – story of Lady Alinor and Tykir Thorksson
  5. The Blue Viking – story of Rurik and Maire
  6. My Fair Viking – story of Tyra of Stoneheim and Adam
  7. A Tale of Two Vikings – story of Toste Ivarsson and Lady Esme; Vagn Ivarsson and Helga
  8. Viking in Love – story of Caedmon of Larkspure and Princess Breanne of Stoneheim

Description from the Book:

She said . . .

Caedmon of Larkspur is the most loathsome lout I have ever encountered! When my sisters and I arrived at his castle, we were greeted by servants and children running wild, while Caedmon lied abed after a night of ale. No doubt there will be another child soon, because I must admit he’s as handsome as he is virile. And I must endure him, for we are in desperate need of protection, though I can only imagine what this knight will demand of me in return . . .

He said . . .

After nine long months in the king’s service, all I wanted was peace . . . not five Viking princesses running my keep. And the fiery redhead who burst into my chamber that first morning is the worst of all. Why, I should kick her out . . . but I have a much more wickedly delightful plan for Breanne of Stoneheim, one that will leave her a Viking in lust.

My Thoughts:

This is one of those books that is a great escape. In it, Sandra Hill introduces the characters of Breanne and Caedmon. Breanne is a woman trying to protect her sisters after they murdered one of the sisters’ husband. Meanwhile, Caedmon has just returned after a long stint surving his king to find his home in a bit of a shambles. Breanne and Caedmon find themselves immediately at odds. Breanne is a rather strong woman who generally takes over anything and everything that she can, while Caedmon is just trying to get his life back in order.

While the two of them bicker, they slowly fall in love. I think somewhat without even realizing it. I certainly had no problem getting caught up in story.  

Final Thought: This is a very fun book to read. It made me laugh out loud.

Read first on January 16, 2010

The reviewer received and Advanced Uncorrected Proof of this story to review.


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