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Guilty Pleasure – Lora Leigh

Leigh, Lora. Guilty Pleasure. (New York: St. Martins, 2010). ISBN – 9780312541866).

Main Characters: Marty Matthews and Khalid el Hamid-Mustafa. Shayne Connor is Khalid’s third

Related Works: This book is part of Lora Leigh’s Bound Heart series which includes the following works:

  • Surrender – appeared in an anthology titled Ties that Bind which also includes a story by Jaid Black. Surrender is Tess Delacourte and Cole Andrews’ story; Jesse Wyman acts as Cole’s third.
  • Submission – in the Submission/Seduction duo. This is the story of Ella James (Tess Delacourte’s mother) and James Wyman.
  • Seduction – in the Submission/Seduction duo. This is Jesse Wyman and Terrie Wyman’s story.
  • Wicked Intent – in the Wicked Intent duo. This is he story of the relationship between Tally Raines, Lucian Conover and Devril Conover.
  • Sacrifice – in the Wicked Intent duo. This is Kimberly Madison and Jared Reddington’s story; Ian Sinclair is Jared’s third.
  • Embraced – in the Shameless Embraces duo. This is the story of Marey and Sax Brogan.
  • Shameless – in the Shameless Embraces duo. This is Ian Sinclair and Courtney Mattlaw’s story; Khalid el Hamid-Mustafa is Ian’s third.
  • Forbidden Pleasure– This is the story of the romance between John “Mac” McCoy, Keily Hardin and Jethro Riggs.
  • Wicked Pleasure – Cameron Falladay and Jaci Wrights’ story; Cameron’s brother Chase is his third.
  • Only Pleasure – Chase Falladay and Kia Rutherford-Stanton’s story; Khalid el Hamid-Mustafa is Chase’s third. 
  • Guilty Pleasure – story of Marty Matthews and Khalid el Hamid-Mustafa; Shayne Connor is Khalid’s third.

Description from the Book:

Marty Matthews had always known about the secret, forbidden pleasures that the women she had grown up with enjoyed. Women whose husbands or lovers were members of the exclusive Club, where they took a selected third into their beds. And there is one man – a dangerous, forbidden man – who is part of this world and who has haunted Marty’s dreams for years. But she has also been the FBI agent assigned to shadow him, making him completely off-limits. . . . That is, until Khalid is cleared and Marty is released from her assignment. Now all bets are off. . . .

The beautiful, fierce Marty Matthews is the one woman Khalid hungers for like no other and is the one woman he dare not let himself have. His past dogs his every step and danger lurks around every corner. If he wants to keep her safe, he must stay away from her. But the power of their desire is something they cannot deny – and once Marty is his, Khalid will do whatever it takes to keep her in his bed and in his arms forever.

My Thoughts:

I am a huge fan of this series by Lora Leigh and have enjoyed all of the books in this series. Khalid has been in several of the previous books – usually as a third to the main couple. I was incredibly intrigued by him in Shameless – Ian Sinclair and Courtney Mattlaw’s story – and became even more enamored of him in Only Pleasure. I have been waiting for his story for quite some time. Fortunately, I was not disappointed in any way.

Khalid and Marty have known each other for many years. Marty has always had a crush on him despite the fact that he would not go near her. He does have good reason – fear that his brothers will go after any woman he loves. So, he has spent many years hiding his feelings. However, Marty has had enough of waiting for Khalid. She decides to seduce him, and Khalid finds that he can’t resist her. He realizes that he cannot hide his feelings for Marty, and as such, he has definitely pulled her into his battle with his terrorist brothers.

Marty is an interesting character. She is an FBI agent who was raised by a U.S. senator and the FBI director. She can take care of herself and refuses to be coddled – something that her godfather (FBI director) insists upon doing. This leads to some serious struggles between Marty on the one side and her father, godfather and Khalid on the other.

Ultimately, I loved the relationship between Khalid and Marty. There was some serious romantic and sexual tension between the two – and the culmination of all of that sexual tension did not disappoint either. The issue of the need for a third was a bit of a non-issue. Marty grew up in a family that consisted of her mother and her mother’s two lovers –  both of whom she regarded as fathers. Both fathers were members of the Club, so Marty was very aware and comfortable with this particular fetish.

Khalid choose Shayne Connor to be his third – a new character, I think. Marty knew what to expect – hence, why I think this whole angle was a rather non-issue. Or maybe, I am just very used to it now that this series is established. Shayne certainly added to the story, as part of the team working on protecting Khalid and Marty. Marty also knew him – and it seemed as if Shayne had more than a passing interest in acting as the third. And of course, he came in very handy at the end of the story.

The bottom line is that I absolutely loved Khalid – and this story made me love him even more.

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