Posted by: Jennifer | October 13, 2009

I’ve Hit a Wall . . .

with Carolyn Jewel’s Indiscreet. I so enjoyed Jewel’s last historical release, Scandal and her paranormals – and was so looking forward to Indiscreet. It is weird, I find myself quite sympathetic to both the hero (Foye) and the heroine (Sabine). However, I’m just not that into the book. I’ve gotten to the point where Foye helps Sabine escape a pasha’s palace after her uncle dies and I have to force myself to keep picking the book up again.

I wholeheartedly agree with this review posted on Book Binge. It isn’t the characters, but the plot that is off. It seems that I lost interest right about the time that Foye declares his love for Sabine. I don’t quite know what is left for the two but danger, but I am not all that eager to find out. I am sensing that I will probably skim the rest of the book as quickly as possible to avoid all of the angst that I see coming the way of the the star-crossed lovers.


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