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The Darkest Whisper – Gena Showalter

Showalter, Gena. The Darkest Whisper. (New York: HQN, 2009). ISBN – 9780373773923.

Main Characters: Gwendolyn the Timid and Sabin

Related Works: This is part of Gena Showalters’ Lords of the Underworld series. The books include

  1. The Darkest Fire – Geryon and the Goddess of Oppression’s story – prequel only available in ebook format
  2. The Darkest Night – Ashlyn Darrow and Maddox’s story
  3. The Darkest Kiss – Anya and Lucien’s story
  4. The Darkest Pleasure – Reyes and Danika Ford’s story
  5. The Darkest Prison – story of Atlas, the Titan God of Strength and Nike – only available in ebook format
  6. The Darkest Whisper– Sabin and Gwendolyn the Timid’s story 
  7. The Darkest Angel – story of the angel Lysander and Bianka, the Harpy – in Heart of Darkness anthology – to be published in January 2010
  8. Into the Dark – anthology containing the novellas The Darkest Fire and The Darkest Prison – to be published in May 2010
  9. The Darkest Passion – story of Aeron and Olivia – to be published in June 2010
  10. The Darkest Lie – story of Gideon and Scarlet – to be published in July 2010

Description from Book:

Bound by the demon of Doubt, Sabin unintentionally destroys even the most confident of lovers. So the immortal warrior spends his time on the battlefield instead of the bedroom, victory his only concern . . . until he meets Gwendolyn the Timid. One taste of the beautiful redhead, and he craves more.

Gwen, an immortal herself, always thought she’d fall for a kind human who wouldn’t rouse her darker side. But when Sabin frees her from prison, battling their enemies for the claim to Pandora’s box turns out to be nothing compared to the battle Sabin and Gwen will wage against love . . .

My Thoughts:

I am a huge fan of this series about a group of immortals who have been cursed by the gods to live with demons from Pandora’s box. They are some seriously tortured souls. I was so excited when this book appeared on my doorstep last week. Interestingly, I had a really difficult time getting into this book. There was something a bit off-putting about Gwen, I think. I actually set this aside and read several other books before picking it up again.

The good news is that Gwen definitely grew on me. I think that I was frustrated with the Harpy storyline because Gwen was incredibly reluctant to share her story with Sabin (or with us for that matter). I mean, she wouldn’t eat; she wouldn’t sleep; she was incredibly timid; but, she ripped some Hunter-dude’s throat out when her Harpy broke free. I guess it took me a long time to feel like I got to know Gwen – and even a little bit longer to understand why Sabin was so fascinated with her.

Despite the fact that it took me quite a while to get into this story, I was very impressed once I felt like I really got to know Gwen. She lives with her Harpy, but doesn’t really know how to control it. In that, she has something very much in common with Sabin – and his inner demon, Doubt. I liked how she could tell Doubt’s voice from Sabin. I liked how her Harpy cowed Doubt. It took a while for Gwen to find her inner strength – and I think that this journey of hers was my favorite part of the book. Not only did she need to learn to control her Harpy, but she needed to grow, to find and believe in herself.

I can say that I am definitely surprised by how much I enjoyed this book – especially since it took me quite a while to actually get into it. I loved Gwen and Sabin together. She is the perfect foil for his demon because Doubt is afraid of her Harpy. But on the other hand, Sabin calms and soothes her Harpy. Plus, the two worked very well together – once Sabin wised up a bit.

I do have to say that I am looking forward to the stories about all of the remaining Lords. However, we got some interesting glimpses into the minds of both Torin and Paris in The Darkest Whisper. Paris is slowly becoming my favorite of the lords, which probably means his story will be among the last of the series. I guess I will just have to be patient!

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  3. I want so badly to read Paris’s story! Like ASAP!!! I love all her books, thanks for the review I will def. pick up this book.

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