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My Wicked Enemy – Carolyn Jewel

Jewel, Carolyn. My Wicked Enemy. (New York: Grand Central, 2008). ISBN – 9780446178235.

Main Characters: Carson Philips and Nikodemus

Related Works:

  1. My Wicked Enemy– story of Carson Philips and Nikodemus
  2. My Forbidden Desire – story of Alexandrine Marit and Xia

Description from the Book:

A desire that can’t be controlled . . .

Carson Philips is a witch on the run. For years, the notorious mage Alvaro Magellan has held her as his psychological prisoner. But once Carson gets a glimpse of the true extent of his evil, she flees Magellan’s mansion – stealing a stone talisman of unimaginable power on the way. Her only hope for survival is a demon who ignites a voracious hunger in her she can’t deny, a longing, she can’t resist. . .

A hunger that can’t be sated . . .

Nikodemus is a warlord with a mission: Kill Magellan and his green-eyed witch at any cost. But when he meets the desperate Carson, the pull of her magic takes his breath away. He’s not sure he can trust this tantalizing woman – she is his enemy – and less sure he can keep his hands off her. But Magellan will stop at nothing to reclaim what belongs to him. Can Nikodemus save Carson before his desire for her destroys them both?

My Thoughts:

I so don’t understand why I so enjoy this series by Carolyn Jewel. I picked up My Forbidden Desire on a whim of sorts – I was interested in it because of how much I enjoyed Jewel’s historical, Scandal. It totally sucked me in despite some serious confusion on my part about several facets of the story – especially surrounding the magic. Nikodemus and Carson do make an appearance, which made me interested in reading their story. So, I was in the bookstore on Saturday and just happened to see My Wicked Enemy on the shelf. I picked it up and began to read it while waiting in the car in the parking lot for my husband.

Much like My Forbidden Desire, I immediately connected with the main characters – Carson and Nikodemus. I very much enjoyed the developing relationship between the mage and fiend – who are supposed to be mortal enemies. But was I confused about things? Heck yeah! Magic, pulling magic, copa, the blood-thing and several other things had me scratching my head. Carson having sex with Iskander (who was a blood-twin until Carson severed something)? All of the fiends that she severed wanted to have that physical connection it seemed. Why with Iskander and not with Harsh? Why did he seem to need that? What exactly had Magellan been doing to Carson all those years? There was talk that she was going to die because of her dependence on the medication and inability to pull her magic. Did her ingestion of the fiend in the talisman affect this? Is that why she is both kin and mage? Or is that because of her bond with Nikodemus. Why did Xia kill the warlord Siddique?

Seriously, there is a great deal of the inner workings of the mage/fiend world (and their contentious relationship) detailed in this book. And, I admit to being stymied by it all. One would think that this confusion would have made this book extremely difficult to read. For whatever reason, this isn’t the case. I was able to really enjoy the author’s story despite the fact that I just didn’t understand what actually happened in several places. How odd!

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