Posted by: Jennifer | August 5, 2009

Expectations Are A Strange Thing

Yesterday, I read both Lora Leigh’s Bengal’s Heartand Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Bad Moon Rising. Both are books that are part of long, established series – series that I absolutely adore.

Bengal’s Heart met the expectations that I had for it. I thorougly enjoyed it, although I will say that Cabal and Cassa aren’t my favorite of the mated breeds that we have read about thus far. I found the series storyline to be incredibly interesting. Leigh has introduced the concept of the primal breed – a breed who possesses more animal traits that most breeds. We found out that Cabal St. Laurents (the hero), Jonas Wyatt and Patrick/Azrael are all primal breeds. I’m definitely hoping that this will play a big part in Jonas’ story – which is due out in April of 2010.

Bengal’s Heart was exactly what I was expecting. That made me enjoy it, but is probably why it won’t stand out for me among the Breeds’ series.

Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Bad Moon Rising did not really meet my expectations. This isn’t exactly a bad thing. The story surprised me. It is the story of Fang and Aimee – and I guess that I was expecting it to actually take place in the chronological order of the books in the Dark-Hunter Series. I remember when Fang and Aimee met in Night Play – Vane Kattalakis and Bride McTierney’s story. I just assumed that their HEA would be coming years and years after they first met. Kenyon, instead, brought us back to the time of Night Play (taking place in 2003 per the book). During the course of this book, Vane and Bride become mated, Wren meets Maggie (from Unleash the Night), Talon and Sunshine are getting together (Night Embrace).

Kenyon has already told of us much of what takes place in Bad Moon Rising – although from different perspectives. We have already read about Fang and Vane’s first visit to Sanctuary, Fang and Aimee’s meeting, Fang’s injury and long recovery, etc.). But, Kenyon revisits these things here from Fang and Aimee’s point of view. There are many things that happen to the two that we were unaware of – Fang’s journey into the Nether Region, his service to Thorn, the revelation of Aimee’s special talents and what happens to the Peltiers and Sanctuary.

I had thought that we had learned all that we could know about the 2003 timespan in earlier books. However, that is not the case. This is why this book didn’t necessarily meet my expectations. But, I think that might have made the story better for me all around. Obviously, Kenyon is moving to some new story arcs after last year’s publication of Acheron. I am definitely looking forward to learning more about the mysterious Thorn, the HellChasers, Varyk, the Malachai (whose identity isn’t revealed here), Savitar and others. I only wish the answers would come sooner rather than later. But I guess I can wait. 🙂


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