Posted by: Jennifer | August 4, 2009

What To Read Today??

Books that I Bought Today

Books that I Bought Today


It is another exciting release day in the world of romance novels. This is the pile of books that I purchased today at my local Waldenbooks. I was a bit bummed that Border’s seems not be selling Lauren Dane’s Laid Barein their stores. I suppose that I can’t be too upset because I certainly have enough books to keep me entertained until I get it delivered from an online vendor.

It is another happy day!



  1. Walmart had Bengal’s Heart out early during the past weekend and I devoured it within hours of getting it home. lol. The book wasn’t nearly as interesting as last one, imo, but I still enjoyed it. Although you get to find out who Jonas’ mate is, woot!

  2. I wish I knew when stores put books out early. It a little bit annoys me when others get their hands on books and I don’t. But only because I’m jealous. 🙂

    I did read Bengal’s Heart last night – and I agree with you. It wasn’t my favorite story, although I definitely did enjoy it. I was excited to get confirmation of Rachel as Jonas’ mate. However, I had been hoping for more of a glimpse of them together in the epilogue – especially since his is the next full length book set to come out.

  3. I feel the same way when I hear about others getting early release copies of books that I want. The past two months I’ve been lucky with finding new releases early at Walmart and Borders — it was b/c I stalked the aisles up and down a few times that I saw the books on display.

    Do you recall other scenes when Rachel was mentioned? Do you think Lora Leigh changed her mind about having Dr. Ely M as Jonas’ mate? After that scene at the end of Mercury’s War, I thought it was a hint that they are mates…and yeah, I was disappointed there was no excerpt of the upcoming book.

  4. I don’t really remember Rachel, although Jonas has had a few secretaries – with one of whom he was intimate. All of these little details that I can’t quite remember make me want to go back and read all of the books again!!

  5. Since Bengal’s Heart was just released and the next one is out I don’t know when, I might just go back and re-read the books. I’m really curious about Jonas’ previous secretaries now!

  6. I may need to do the same things as well – and maybe make some sort of chart about the characters and which books they first appear in.

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