Posted by: Jennifer | August 1, 2009

Wrap Up For July 2009 Reads

My thoughts about books read in June 2009:

  1. What Happens in London Julia Quinn
    I loved Sir Harry and Olivia and the way that a good portion of their relationship developed through a window.
  2. Rapture – Jacquelyn Frank
    With each successive Frank novel that I read, her world of demons, lycanthropes, vampires and shadowdwellers continues to grow. I grew quite fond of Magnus in Ecstasy and felt his pain when we learned that his handmaiden was a traitor. In Rapture, he gets a new handmaiden and has to learn how to deal with her. He had made some bad mistakes with Karri that may have pushed her to become a traitor. This was a deeply emotional story, and it was fascinating to watch Magnus try to come to terms with his own needs – and those of his new handmaiden. I can’t wait for the next story!!!! I am so hooked on this series.
  3. Four Dukes and a Devil – anthology with The Irish Duke by Cathy Maxwell, The Duke Who Came to Dinner by Elaine Fox, The Devil to Payby Jeaniene Frost, The Catch of the Century by Sophia Nash, and Charmed by Her Smile by Tracy Anne Warren
    Truly, I wasn’t sure what to make of this anthology. I was a bit surprised by the composition – three of the stories were historical, one was contemporary and one was paranormal. I found this to be jarring. Honestly, I was expecting all of the stories to be historical – and about dukes. So, I was a bit surprised by the lack of traditional dukes in some of the stories. My favorite story out of the five was Sophia Nash’s Catch of the Century. A reoccurring character from her works, Ata, makes an appearance – and I think this might have been my favorite part of the entire book.
  4. My Forbidden Desire – Carolyn Jewel
  5. Passion Unleashed– Larissa Ione
    I have heard so much about this series from Ione. I have shied away from her stories because of the hospital/medical theme. However, I needed a book to read while I was away for the weekend. And, I so enjoyed this story of Wrath and Serena. I have put the other two books in this series on my must read list – and plan to do so as soon as I make a bit more headway on my pile of unread books.
  6. Outback Heiress, Surprise Proposal – Margaret Way
    I can’t not read a Margaret Way story. They are so sweet. They make me happy – and this one did not disappoint.
  7. Wickedly Ever After – Michelle Marcos
    This was my first Michelle Marcos book. I loved the premise of a society debutante (albeit and older one) starting a school to teach young ladies about those things that no one else would. This book had some wonderful scenes in it – I especially enjoyed the one where Athena got Marshall to pose nude for her students’ art class. I will definitely be looking to read some of Marcos’ other books.
  8. Surrender to the Devil – Lorraine Heath
  9. For the Earl’s Pleasure – Anne Mallory
  10. Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress – Elizabeth Boyle
  11. My Wicked Marquess – Gaelen Foley
    I enjoyed reading this story – and liked both of the main characters, Max and Daphne. I found the whole storyline surrounding the Prometheus Club/the Inferno Club to be a bit off. I’m not sure whether I will continue to read the coming stories in this series – although I am curious about Max’s believed-dead comrade in arms. I may be curious enough to read the next installment.
  12. Fair Game – Jasmine Haynes
    I really, really enjoyed the first book in this series, The Fortune Teller. Because of that, I bought both Show and Tell and Fair Game. Unfortunately, neither one lived up to the expectations set forth by The Fortune Teller.
  13. Midnight’s Master – Cynthia Eden
    I found this story interesting. It was an enjoyable read. However, neither the storyline nor the characters really caught my full attention. I do have a couple of other books in this series that I will read. I may just need more time to actually get into the series. We shall see.
  14. The Charade– Mackenzie McKade
    I kind of really skimmed through this book. The futuristic storyline didn’t really keep me interested. I admit that the story was highly erotic – and the erotic parts were really the only ones that I read. 🙂
  15. Veteran’s 1: Through the Fire – anthology including Through the Fire by Liz Andrews and Risen from Ash by Rachel Bo
    I purchased this book for Rachel Bo’s Risen from Ash. I had read both stories previously in electronic format. In Bo’s story, Damon is a dominant who find himself questioning his lifestyle after what he has seen and experienced in Iraq. His neighbor Ashland is a submissive who is extremely attracted to Damon. Damon struggles with his need to dominate and his fear of being to rough. This was a wonderfully emotional story that was also incredibly sexy.
  16. Bound by Your Touch – Meredith Duran
  17. Mastered by Love – Stephanie Laurens
  18. A Duke of Her Own – Eloisa James
  19. Hot Pursuit– Suzanne Brockmann

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