Posted by: Jennifer | July 31, 2009

Bound By Your Touch – Meredith Duran

Duran, Meredith. Bound By Your Touch. (New York: Pocket, 2009). ISBN – 9781416592631.

Main Characters: Lydia Boyce and James Durham, Viscount Sanburne

Description from Book:

Beauty is as beauty does . . .

Silver-tongued Viscount Sanburne is London’s favorite scapegrace. Alas, Lydia Boyce has no interest in being charmed. When his latest escapade exposes a plot to ruin her family, she vows to handle it herself, as she always has done. Certainly she requires no help from a too-handsome dilettante whose main achievement is being scandalous. But Sanburne’s golden charisma masks a sharper mind and darker history than she realizes. He shocks Lydia by breaking past her prim facade to the woman beneath . . . and the hidden fire no man has ever recognized. But as she follows him into a world of intrigue, she will learn that the greatest danger lies within – in the shadowy, secret motives of his heart.

My Thoughts:

I finally managed to finish the book. It took me at least a week to get through it all even though I had certainly given up careful reading for very light skimming. I mentioned previsouslythat I had an awful time with this book. I found it confusing from the first. I couldn’t figure out who Phin, Elizabeth, Mrs. Chudderly, and or Nello actually were and how exactly they were related to James. I didn’t care for Lydia or James and absolutely detested Lydia’s sister Sophie. James contentious battle with his father was painfully childish.

I SO wanted to like this book. I actually feel bad that I didn’t like it. It seems like the vast majority of people who have written reviews of it online adored it. I did make myself finish it – and I did feel a little bit better about the story as I got further into it.

Read first July 2009



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