Posted by: Jennifer | July 21, 2009

How Can I Not Like This Book?

Do you ever ask yourself this question? I do all the time – especially when I have a negative reaction to a book that I have purchased because it had gotten excellent (or even decent) reviews at various places. I can only wonder what I am missing that has made this books such a keeper for so many people.

Overall, I try to avoid discussing books in an overly negative tone that I do not like. This is of course difficult to do when one hates a story. I have a certain level of respect for anyone who has published a book. I have never written a book and have a personal belief that this is a huge accomplishment. I want to enjoy every story I read, and get so disappointed when I don’t. I often simply try to forget about the bad reading experience and move on. I generally wait until I have read 2 books that I hate by one author before I put that author on my Do Not Buy list. And, I don’t publicize who is actually on that list.

Anyway, my reactions to romance novels vary widely, and just because I don’t like a particular book doesn’t mean that it bad, poorly written or worthy of being trashed. This is especially true if other people seem to love the book in question.

Right now, I am reading Meredith Duran’s Bound By Your Touch – and am having an extremely hard time actually getting to the half-way point. I find myself confused by the story and the characters, especially James’s cohorts – Phin, Elizabeth (aka Lizzie and/or Mrs. Chudderly) and Nello. Who are they???? Elizabeth and Nello clearly have some type of relationship, but it has only been hinted at. These people have some relationship to James, but it was not clearly given in the first chapter. I didn’t make the connection that Elizabeth was Mrs. Chudderly until about page 130. Lydia is driving me up a wall, and I am more than tired of James’ childish antics regarding his father. Seriously, I do not want to finish this book. However, I am forcing myself to continue because it has to get better, right? Ok, I don’t believe that, but I have to be the one missing what has made this book so likeable for so many people. I will keep plugging along hoping that it gets better for me.

I kind of feel like there is something wrong with me for not liking this book.



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