Posted by: Jennifer | July 12, 2009

For the Earl’s Pleasure – Anne Mallory

Mallory, Anne. For the Earl’s Pleasure. (New York: Avon, 2009). ISBN – 9780061579141.

Main Characters: Abigail Smart and Valerian Danforth, Lord Rainewood

Description from Book:

Beneath every scornful smile . . .

They were once cherished childhood companions, until a scandalous secret tore them apart. Now Valerian Rainewood and Abigail Smart are the fiercest of enemies. To Abigail, Rainewood is a notorious rake, hell-bent on mischief and not fit for polite society So what if it seems as if he can seduce her with nothing but his eyes? She will not succumb. But when the earl is viciously attacked, Abigail’s distress tells her that something still binds her to the wild Rainewood.

Lies and unquenchable desire . . .

Though the ton believes there is nothing between them, Rainewood knows the truth. Abigail tempts him the way no other woman has. Wanton lust overwhelms him whenever she is near. But keeping her too close may but her precious life in danger. He must destroy his enemies – so that with every touch he may prove to Abigail that though their past was filled with trouble, their future will be nothing but pleasure.

My Thoughts:

I have to say that this book threw me for a bit of a loop. I was not expecting it to be a ghost story. I do not like ghost stories as a rule, so I might not have purchased this book had I known that the hero would be a ghost for the majority of the story. I was attracted to the book because of the past relationship between Abigail and Valerian. I was intrigued by the scandal that made them enemies.

Of course, it turns out the secret that made them enemies was Abigail’s ability to talk to and/or see ghosts. Valerian thought she was mad. It is then ironic that Valerian comes to depend upon this talent when he is attacked and kept comatose. Abby is the only one who can see him or help him. This, of course, gave the two time to deal with their past and their romantic inclinations.

This book was very different for me. And I am surprised that the ghost thing didn’t bother me that much. I did get a bit irritated with the way that Valerian constantly criticized things when Abby was in social situations – because she couldn’t respond.  Also, the tension and the fighting between Abby and Valerian got a bit old at times. Obviously, this tension did lighten up eventually. Overall, this was an interesting read. I admit to prefer a flesh and blood hero over a ghostly one, but the ghostly Valerian did actually fit in with the plot.

Read first July 2009



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