Posted by: Jennifer | June 15, 2009

Savage Obsession – Diana Hamilton

Hamilton, Diana. Savage Obsession. (New York: Harlequin, 1993). ISBN – 0373115881. Harlequin Presents #1588, September 1993.

Main Characters: Charles Savage and Beth Savage

Description from Book:

A second baby – a second chance?

She’d been crazy to marry Charles Savage in the first place! And now, Beth was convinced that nothing – least of all her – would keep Charles from the woman he really loved.

Beth’s marriage to Charles had effectively ended when she’d lost the child he so desperately wanted. There was no point in pretending she was still needed in his life. Especially when that other woman could offer him so much more – a son. His son?

Beth had reason to believe it was. Would her own pregnancy – which she discovered after she’d left Charles – even matter to him now?

My Thoughts:

I’ve been moving my boxes of books, going through them to see what I might be able to get rid, and this has led to some re-reading on my part. I have always loved reading category romances. Harlequins were the first romance novels that I ever read – since that was what my mom read. To this day, I find them very quick reads that more often than not make me happy. I also find it fascinating to read category romances from 15-20 years ago to see how much romance has changed.

Diana Hamilton was always one of my favorite Harlequin Presents authors. In Savage Obsession, Beth Savage has recently miscarried. The miscarriage was the result of a car accident – one in which her husband Charles was driving. Since the miscarriage, Beth and Charles’ marriage has disintegrated with the two living like polite strangers. Beth believes that Charles only married her for an heir, and that the miscarriage means she may not be able to have additional children. When Zanna Hall and her young son arrive on their doorstep, Beth is sure that her marriage is over.

Rather than allow Charles to talk to her about Zanna – and ask for a divorce, Beth decides to be the one to end the marriage. She finds herself a job and moves out of the house. However, Charles is unwilling to let Beth go. He follows her to France trying to figure out what has caused Beth to end their marriage. While he gets no answers, Beth does become pregnant again. When Charles realizes this, he carts her back to their home. The two are not able to resolve their issues until Charles breaks through Beth’s reserve after the birth of their son. But, of course, they do their HEA.

When I read these category romances now, I often wonder if I would love them as much if I were reading them for the first time in 2009. I tend to think that Beth would seriously irritate me if I had not first read this book in the early 1990s. When a woman with a little boy that Beth believes is her husband’s son, she gives up. Beth believes that this is the woman her husband has always loved. She has no desire to fight – she just runs away. She isn’t very nice to her husband – who is portrayed as a rather aloof character. We see very little from his point of view. Despite all of this, I did read this book many years ago – and it remains one of my favorite Diana Hamilton books.

Read first June 2009


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