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Scandalizing the Ton – Diane Gaston

Gaston, Diane. Scandalizing the Ton. (New York: Harlequin, 2008). ISBN – 9780373295166. Harlequin Historical #916 – Regency.

Main Characters: Lady Lydia Wexton and Adrian Pomroy, Viscount Cavanley

Related Works:

  • The Vanishing Viscountess– the story of Adam Vickery, Marquess of Tannerton and Marlena Parronley
  • Scandalizing the Ton– the story of Lady Lydia Wexton and Adrian Pomroy, Viscount Cavanley

Description from Book:

Who is the father of her child?

Lady Wexin, once the Ton’s foremost beauty, has been abandoned by her family and friends, and creditors hound her. Her husband’s scandalous death has left her impoverished, and the gossip-mongering press is whipped into a frenzy of speculation when it becomes clear the widow is with child. Who is the father?

Only one man knows: Adrian Pomroy, Viscount Cavanley. He has cultivated the reputation of a rake, but in truth yearns for something useful to do. Delicate beauty Lydia Wexin could pose an intriguing – and stimulating – challenge. . ..

My Thoughts: I guess my reactions to this book are a bit mixed. First off, I felt a little bit lost with the backstory. While I don’t see that Scandalizing the Ton is billed as part of a series, it is related to Gaston’s The Vanishing Viscountess. I assume that there is a great deal about the scandal surrounding Lady Wexin and her murderous husband in that earlier work. And while this scandal isn’t central to the plot of Scandalizing the Ton, I think understanding  what had happened with Lord Wexin would have made my more sympathetic to Lady Wexin.

Without this information, I had a hard time warming up to Lady Wexin. She came across as rather cold and reclusive. I can’t say that she didn’t have reason to be so, but this made it rather hard for me to like her as a match for Adrian. We did see some of her softness when she was with her son Ethan, but those glimpses were few and far between.

Overall, there were parts of this book that I liked – times when Adrian and Lydia did seem to connect (mostly in the time following their wedding and the birth of Ethan). But, I did wish for more of a connection between the two. I did think the prevelance of the newspapers reporters became a bit tiresome. This is obviously a huge part of the story. On the other hand, I thought the resolution to this newspaper angle was rather fitting.

Anyway, I am thinking about getting my hands on The Vanishing Viscountess. We shall see. 

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