Posted by: Jennifer | May 31, 2009

Not Quite a Husband – Sherry Thomas

Thomas, Sherry. Not Quite a Husband. (New York: Bantam, 2009). ISBN – 9780553592436.

Main Characters: Bryony Asquith and Leo Marsden

Date: 1897

Description from Book:

Their marriage lasted only slightly longer than the honeymoon – to no one’s surprise, not even Bryony Asquith’s. A man as handsome and sought after as Leo Marsden couldn’t possibly want to spend his life with a woman who rebelled against society by becoming a doctor. Why then, three years later and half a world away, does he track her down at her clinic in the remotest corner of India?

Leo has no reason to think Bryony could ever forgive him, but he won’t rest until he’s delivered her safely back to England. But as they risk their lives on the journey home, will the biggest danger be the treacherous war around them – or their rekindling passion?

My Thoughts:

Sherry Thomas’s works have enchanted me wholly. I was quite taken with Private Arrangements – and definitely enjoyed Delicious. So, I bought this book as soon as it was available. It is my favorite of Thomas’ three books – in fact, this is my favorite book from all of those that I read this month.

I fell in love with Leo almost immediately. Bryony, on the other hand, was much harder to get a handle on. She is a much more self-contained character who comes across as rather aloof and cold. This comes from a rather painful childhood where she felt as if she was unloved. This makes her believe that she is not worthy of love – and not able to communicate well with her husband Leo.

Bryony and Leo had known each other their whole lives. However, it wasn’t until much later that they became a couple. Their courtship was rather quick. Bryony proposed to Leo almost right after their first kiss. Leo was thrilled – having been in love with Bryony for most of their lives. Both were happy – and seemingly in love, looking forward to their marriage.

Yet, as soon as they wed, Bryony withdrew from Leo. Leo’s confusion about Bryony’s attitude was heartbreaking. He had no idea what had happened. He doesn’t actually find out until well into Not Quite a Husband. Bryony, on the other hand, saw something before she and Leo married that she couldn’t forgive. It pretty much confirmed her deep belief that Leo couldn’t really love her. This was why she eventually requested an annulment.

Three years later, Leo comes to India to find Bryony and get her to return to England. The two travel together and must come to grips with their broken relationship and their feelings. Their trek across India was my favorite part of the book. It was filled with tension and passion – something that had been a problem in their marriage.

This book was incredibly emotional – and that might be why I enjoyed it so much. This is a book that I have added to my keeper shelf – and I am already looking forward to being able to read Not Quite a Husband again.

Read first May 2009



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