Posted by: Jennifer | May 31, 2009

Heartless – Diana Palmer

Palmer, Diana. Heartless. (New York: HQN, 2009). ISBN – 9780373773787.

Main Characters: Graciela Marsh and Jason Pendleton

Description from Book:

As a teenager, Gracie worshipped her stepbrother, Jason, a strong, silent young cowboy who left home early to seek his fortune. Though Gracie hadn’t seen him in years, when her mother passed away, Jason ensured that Gracie would be cared for. Now the wealthy owner of Comanche Wells ranch, Jason has finally come back home, and discovered that the little girl he knew is all grown up.

When a moment of unbridled passion results in a kiss, Jason realizes that he’s falling for Gracie. But Gracie harbors a shameful secret that makes her deeply afraid to love. Stung by her rejection, Jason leaves, ready to put the past – and the one woman he can’t have – behind him once more.

Gracie thinks she’s lost Jason forever. But when danger threatens her and the ranch, she can only hope that her long, tall Texan will come blazing home to save her, despite her secrets – and take control of Comanche Wells, and her heart, once and for all.

My Thoughts:

This is another classic Diana Palmer story. Gracie and Jason have known each other for years – with Jason becoming responsible for Gracie, and another step-sibling Gloryanne Barnes, in her teenage years. Over the past couple of years, Jason’s feelings for Gracie have changed rather significantly. However, Gracie continues to treat him like a beloved sibling. Gracie has deep scars from her childhood – her father had been abusive to her mother – that make her frightened of intimate relationships.

 But Gracie is kidnapped by a man trying to restore himself to power in a Central American nation. Once she is returned, Jason and Gracie have to learn to deal with their feelings for each other. It isn’t easy. Jason brings the evil model Kittie into their lives muddying the situation. Fortunately, true love conquers all and Gracie and Jason do find their HEA.

I have no clue why, but Diana Palmer’s books always give me that warm and fuzzy feeling. Heartless was no exception!

Read first May 2009



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