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Highland Scandal – Julia London

London, Julia. Highland Scandal. (New York: Pocket Books, 2009). ISBN – 9781416547105.

Main Characters: Elizabeth Drummond Beal and Janick Haines, the Earl of Lambourne

Date: 1807

Related Works: This is part of Julia London’s Scandal Series. Books in the series include the following:

  • The Book of Scandal – the story of Nathan Grey, the Earl of Lindsey and Evelyn Grey
  • Snowy Night with Highlander – in the Snowy Night with a Strangeranthology – the story of Lady Fiona Haines and Duncan Buchanan
  • Highland Scandal– the story of Jankin Haines, the Earl of Lambourne and Lizzie Beal
  • A Courtesan’s Scandal– the story of Miss Katherine Bergeron and the Duke of Darlington – to be published in October 2009

Description from Book:

On the run from the wrathful Prince of Wales, Jack Haines, Earl of Lambourne, is taken prisoner by a Highland laird who makes him an unusual offer; if Jack handfasts his niece, then his life will be spares. The old Highland custom – a marriage lasting only a year and a day, unless both partners agree to make it a lifelong vow – sounds preferable to Jack to being dragged to London in chains, and when he meets lovely Lizzie Beal, his dilemma starts to seem positively enjoyable. Until the hellion vents her fury . . . on him! Detesting the scandalous match that will end all her chances of making a respectable marriage, Lizzie can’t abide living intimately with a fugitive nobleman bent on seducing her and then running off. But in teaching her the pleasures of a wife’s duties, Jack sparks within them both a passion that will make him wish he could stay with Lizzie for much longer than a year and a day.

My Thoughts:

I felt as if I had a really rather odd reaction to this book. I have been reading this series and have been enjoying it. I certainly had to read Jack’s story – after all, I had to know how his situation with Prince George turned out. So, I was looking forward to reading this book. But, early on, Lizzie drove me absolutely crazy. She (and her sister Charlotte) were rather obnoxious. I definitely understood her attitude problem. Her uncle was forcing her into the handfasting with Jack – doing everything in his power to ruin her for some unfathomable reason.

Regardless, she and the rest of her household were rude to Jack – failing to feed him, making him sleep in a cold room and giving him nasty attitude. Despite this fact, I was in no way tempted to put the book down – and I am quite surprised by this fact. Obviously, there was enough to the book to keep me invested in it. Eventually, Jack was able to charm Lizzie’s household – and Lizzie to, of course. And, I liked the book much more from this point on.

Ultimately, I am surprised by how much I did enjoy this story. Lizzie’s attitude definitely drove me nuts, but didn’t make me dislike her (which is the part I find a bit odd). She seemed an excellent match for Jack – and I enjoyed the secondary story involving Charlotte and Newton. We shall see how things wrap up in the last book of the series, A Courtesan’s Scandal – which will be out in October.

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