Posted by: Jennifer | May 29, 2009

My Favorite Diana Palmer Books

I was recently moving books around trying to make sure that my “Keeper Shelf” books are easily accessible. I ended up going through most of my Diana Palmer books and couldn’t help but put my favorites aside. I’m betting that I will be re-reading most of these soon!

  1. September Morning– I couldn’t possibly estimate how many times I have read this book. In fact, I often just go through the book in my head because I think I actually have it memorized. I can blame this book for my addiction to guardian/ward romance stories. In this one, we have Blake Hamilton and Kathryn Mary Kilpatrick. Kate is the daughter of a sharecropper who was taken in by the Hamiltons when she was orphaned. She has lived with the Hamiltons for several year as a member of their family, but her growing feelings for Blake have made her restless. The gazebo scene is one of my all-time favorites from Palmer’s works.
  2. Champagne Girl– This is another guardian/ward type story. When Catherine (Kit) Blake’s mother remarried, the two came to live with the Kincaids. Matt Kincaid was Kit’s new stepbrother. Kit has finished college and now wants to get a job in New York City. Matt is not happy and insists that Kit come work for him to prove herself. The course of true love is helped along by Matt’s brother’s Hal, and a prank that Hal plays on Matt and Kit. The best scene in this book is when Matt and Kit are discovered in bed together, and Kit’s mother brings the pastor up to say hi. Just thinking about this scene makes me chuckle.
  3. The Australian – Priscilla Johnson has been in love with John Sterling for most of her young life. Before she leaves Australia and heads to Hawaii for college, John gives in to his feelings for the young woman. They keep in touch while Priscilla is in college, until John takes up with another woman and devastates Priscilla in the process. After graduation, Priscilla returns to Australia, but can’t avoid John. John still has deep feelings for Priscilla. He had given her up on purpose because of financial trouble. Now that he is solvent again, he can’t resist trying to win Priscilla back. This is one of the earliest Diana Palmer books that I read – and I can read it again and again and again.
  4. Unlikely Lover– This is the story of Mari Raymond and Ward Jessup – and Mari’s matchmaking aunt. Mari’s aunt gets Mari to come out west to Ward’s ranch by telling Mari that her boss is dying. She then tells Ward that Mari has been the victim of an assault and needs time to heal. Ward and Mari do figure out her aunt’s scheme fairly early on, but are drawn to each other and can’t help falling in love. Mari’s aunt is a wonderful character.
  5. Calhoun– Aaahh, we are back to the guardian/ward romance. Calhoun and his brother Justin took Abby Clark in when she was orphaned. She has had a good life with the Ballenger brothers. However, as she matures, she starts to fall in love with Calhoun. She also tries to break out of her grind by going to bars and male revue shows. Her restless behavior drives Calhoun mad who fights the attraction between himself and Abby. Of course, he eventually has to give in to his feelings.
  6. Cattleman’s Choice – Carson Wayne is a rough rancher type who is in love with the refined Madelyn Bush. To help his case, Carson asks Madelyn for lessons on how to behave in social situations. Of course, he isn’t very good at going to the opera (funny stuff). However, my favorite part of this book is when Carson takes Madelyn fishing.
  7. The Tender Stranger– In this one, Danielle St. Clair  is a shy, retiring, bookish-type woman who meets a mercenary while on vacation. Eric Von Meer, known as Dutch, isn’t quite sure what to make of Dani, especially since he finds himself inexplicably drawn to her. This was the first of Palmer’s books about mercenaries that I read and continues to be one of my favorites.
  8. Man of Ice – Dawson Rutherford and Barrie Bell – In this one, Barrie and Dawson met when their respective parents planned on marrying. Dawson, believing that Barrie is experienced, seduces her – a seduction that doesn’t end well. This causes a barrier between the two that seems rather impossible to overcome. Dawson carries his own scars from the incident, and has to try and help Barrie and himself get over the traumatic event.
  9. Paper Rose – Tate Winthrop and Cecily Blake – Tate Winthrop is a character that shows up in several Diana Palmer works. I was quite taken with him before his story was even written. I was even more enamored after reading Paper Rose.
  10. The Savage Heart – Matt Davis and Tess Meredith – There is something so sweet about this story. Tess and Matt practically grew up together on Matt’s Indian Reservation. However, Matt tried hard to forget about his Sioux heritage. He is also unwilling to get involved with Tess. Tess is one of my favorite Diana Palmer heroines.
  11. The Patient Nurse– Noreen Kensington and Ramon Cortero – I
    love Dr. Cortero, although I admit that I am not always sure why. He is rather obnoxious to Noreen for much of the story. But, then he saves her life and finds out how wrong he was about her.
  12. The Case of the Confirmed Bachelor– Nick Reed and Tabitha Harver – Tabby has been in love with her best friend’s older brother for years. After she attempted to seduce him, Nick pushed her away from him. However, the two become close when Nick returns home to deal with his parents’ vacant house – and has to help Tabby with a problem. I have to say that there is a rather hot scene in this book that takes place on Tabby’s kitchen table. I can still remember my reaction the first time that I read it.
  13. The Case of the Missing Secretary – Logan Deverell and Kit Morris – This is one of Palmer’s funniest stories. Logan has a cousin Emmett Deverell who has three rowdy children: Guy, Polk and Amy. They are hysterically out of control. I always laugh when I read the scene where the kids were trying to remove the doorknob from the bathroom door in order to spy on Logan and Kit.
  14. Before Sunrise– Jeremiah Cortez and Phoebe Keller – This is another story where the hero rescued the heroine as a young girl. I’m a sucker for that story line, I guess.
  15. Enamored– Diego Laremos and Melissa Sterling – This is a reunited lovers story. Melissa and Diego had been married when the two had been caught in a compromising position by Melissa’s father (which resulted in Melissa becoming pregnant). However, Diego was furious with Melissa believing that she had intentionally set out to trap him into marriage. She lets Diego think that she has lost the baby and flees. Years later, they are reunited when Melissa is badly hurt. I loved Diego in the earlier books in Palmer’s mercenary series – and couldn’t resist him in this one either.


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  2. hi,

    I love your website, its brilliant to get reviews on certain authors

    I have just purchased a whole lot of books from diana palmer that you wrote about



  3. Kelly, thank you very much for the kind comments!

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