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Bound to Please – Lilli Feisty

Feisty, Lilli. Bound to Please. (New York: Grand Central, 2009). ISBN – 978044654193.

Main Characters: Ruby Scott and Mark St. Crow

Bound To Please

Bound To Please

Description from book:

From fantasy to ecstasy

Ruby Scott is a beautiful, quiet event planner who leads an oh-so-respectable life. Yet the things that go on in her secret fantasies are anything but. She has very intention of keeping her hidden desires under wraps – until she meets a gorgeous, hard-muscled man ten years her junior. Mark St. Crow is a gifted, up-and-coming musician who collects erotic art and loves to “play” women as much as his piano. After one night of uninhibited passion, Ruby realizes there’s no turning back. But as she surrenders to her deepest needs and lets Mark control every forbidden thrill, her passion for him builds. Can the wild, intoxicating nights they share lead to a love that will last forever?

My Thoughts:

Ruby Scott is an event planner in San Francisco who harbors thoughts of being sexually dominated by a man. She has had some exposure to kink at the hands of her former boyfriend, Ash, who took erotic photographs of Ruby bound. However, using rope to bind Ruby seemed to be the extent of her experience. Now, she fantasizes about a relationship with a true power exchange – at least in the bedroom. Enter Mark St. Crow, a musician who is temporarily in Ruby’s home town to possibly record a new album. He manages to accidentally overhear a conversation between Ruby and her friend about her sexual preferences. Additionally, he owns one of the photographs that her ex-boyfriend took of her. The two are immediately attracted to each other. Mark is a dominant. He tells Ruby to be at his show later that evening, and Ruby can’t stop herself from going.

Ruby is rather fascinating in her role as a strong female who wants to be submit. She doesn’t automatically give in to Mark. I had to laugh at her continued refusal to remove her panties early on in the book. The two, at times, definitely struggle for control. Ruby is very much afraid of letting anyone control her heart, and tries to take back control when she starts to get to involved. After all, her father abandoned his family when Ruby was fairly young. To make things worse, her mother shortly thereafter left as well because she couldn’t live without her husband. As a result, Ruby pushes Mark away several times. She can’t see him fitting into her life. Yet, neither can really stay away from the other.

On the other hand, Mark is a musician, who lives a fairly nomadic existence. He is on the road constantly and is never lacking for female companionship. He isn’t looking for love when he meets Ruby. Yet, Ruby is different and Mark certainly isn’t always sure what to make of his feelings for her. He has his own family issues. His parents stayed together, but there seems to be some serious resentment because his mother made his father quit playing music to take a stay-at-home-type job. Also, he is quite a bit younger than Ruby, and believes he has plenty of time to sow his wild oats.

Eventually, Mark must leave San Francisco and return to touring. Ruby pretty much pushes him away before he has to leave in order to try and avoid having to say goodbye – something, she doesn’t like to do. Each return to their lives, but have definitely been changed by their relationship. They miss each other, and get back together with the help of one of Mark’s bandmates.

I had a wonderful time reading this book. I loved the characters, including Ruby, Mark, Yvette, Meg and Emmett. Meg and Emmett’s subplot was a nice addition to the story. But overall, Ruby was my favorite – a surprise tome because most often it is the male character to whom I become attached. But there was an interesting vulnerability to Ruby. At the beginning, she seemed quite confident in her own desires to sexually submit. Yet as the book moved on, I sensed that she wasn’t always sure what to make of that aspect of her relationship to Mark. She did have trouble dealing with her submissive desires – possibly because she had some dominant ones as well. Regardless, it was a fun ready journey. This was the first work of Lilli Feisty’s that I have read, but I doubt it will be the last.

Read first May 2009



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