Posted by: Jennifer | April 18, 2009

The Australian’s Society Bride – Margaret Way

Way, Margaret. The Australian’s Society Bride. (New York: Harlequin, 2009). ISBN – 9780373175659. Harlequin Romance #4075, February 2009.

Main Characters: Leona Blanchard and Boyd Blanchard

Description from book:

Dynasty and diamonds . . .

Parties at the luxurious Blanchard estate draw the cream of society. Dressed to impress, glamorous women swathed in diamonds and designer outfits make a beeline of Boyd Blanchard, heir to the family business – and the most eligible bachelor in Australia.

Leona has known Boyd since she was a child, and he still has the power to turn her emotions inside out. But he is so out of her league that she carefully hides behind a wall of cool indifference. Until the kiss that sets the tongues of society wagging and gives Boyd the means he’s been waiting for to make the stubborn, sensual redhead his . . .

My Thoughts:

I have to count Margaret Way as one of those feel-good authors from my youth – much like Diana Palmer. I don’t even bother to read the descriptions of her category romances. I generally always buy Way’s books when I run across them (I don’t actively seek out her work like I do with Diana Palmer’s ). I absolutely adore her stories about ranching dynastic families in Australia. This one was no exception.

Boyd was a typical Way hero – the rather larger-than-life character who has it all. Leona is billed as the poor (but not really poor, just so in relation to Boyd’s branch of the family) relation who feels a bit overwhelmed by her big-name relatives. She secretly worships her distant cousin Boyd, but desperately tries to hide it. Boyd, however, has waited long enough to make Leona his. The family, especially Boyd’s father, is not terribly happy about the match.

One thing that I did like about this particular story was Leona. Often, Way’s heroine’s are easily swayed by the mean-spirited relatives who seek to break up the happy couples. Leona was certainly susceptible to the lies spread by her mean-spirited relatives. However, she seemed to have the inner strength to stick around and deal with the issues. She stood up for herself and her relationship with Boyd. I appreciated this fact.

I will say that I was a bit surprised with how far Boyd’s father was willing to go to break up Boyd and Leona. I didn’t buy that his supposed love for Leona’s mother could be used as justification for his opposition to Boyd and Leona’s relationship. That was a bit odd.

Read first March 2009


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  3. I love Margaret Way’s old stuff, but the first time I read one of her new ones where the heroine had already had 2 or 3 lovers, I was horrified! LOL I’m a modern gal, but like my romance novels to have a virgin heroine every single time!

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