Posted by: Jennifer | April 18, 2009

Fury Calls – Caridad Pineiro

Pineiro, Caridad. Fury Calls. (New York: Silhouette, 2009). ISBN – 9780373618071. Silhouette Nocturne #60, March 2009.

Main Characters: Blake Richards and Meghan Thomas

Related Works: This is part of Caridad Pineiro’s vampire series, The Calling.

Description from book:

Need draws them . . .

Four years ago, overcome by hunger, Blake Richards took too much from a young woman, and turned her to save her life. Now Meghan Thomas is like him, a vampire. . . and their initial attractions has turned to anger and distrust. She hates what he has made her, but when a vicious killer threatens Manhattan’s vampire community, Meghan has no choice but to turn to him – her sire.

Passion unites them

Blake is reckless and brash. Meghan is young and untried. Alone, they are no match for the killer. But with the fates of humans and vampires alike depending on them, their only hope is to trust in their blood bond. . .

My Thoughts:

I am a sucker for stories where there are deep emotional ties from the past between the hero and the heroine. I almost can’t pass up these types of stories. In this book, Blake returns to see Meghan – mostly, because he can’t stay away from her any longer. Meghan doesn’t particularly have warm and cozy feelings for Blake. She believes that he ruined her life when he turned her into a vampire when they first met. It was an accident. Blake had taken too much of Meghan’s blood and turned her to prevent her from dying. However, once turned, Meghan couldn’t return to her family and had to stay in the city (and drink blood, of course). She has been angry for years at Blake, but can’t fight her continued attraction to him.

I want to say that I thought this was a cute story, but cute seems like an inappropriate word for a paranormal story with vicious blood suckers. I liked the story, and enjoyed watching Blake try to turn his life around for Meghan. But, I do think that the larger plot didn’t make as much sense to me because I haven’t read the other books in the series. I also found it irritating that Meghan and her friends had such a poor view of Blake. I’m guessing that some of the reaons for this attitude might have been given in earlier stories. So, overall, I think that I would have enjoyed the story more had I read the rest of the books in this series.

Read first April 2009



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