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Love with a Perfect Scoundrel – Sophia Nash

Nash, Sophia. Love with a Perfect Scoundrel. (New York: Avon, 2009). ISBN – 9780061493287.

Main Characters: Grace, Countess of Sheffield and Michael Ranier

Related Works: This is part of Sophia Nash’s the Widow’s Club series. Books in the series include the following:

  • A Dangerous Beauty – the story of Rosamunde Baird and Luc St. Aubyn, the Duke of Helston
  • The Kiss – the story of Georgiana Wilde and Quinn Fortesque, Marquis of Ellsmere
  • Love with a Perfect Scoundrel–  the story of Grace, Countess of Sheffield and Michael Ranier

Description from book:

Twice jilted in the last two years, the achingly beautiful yet stoic Grace, Countess of Sheffield has given up on love. Now she’s no longer capable of maintaining the elegant, serene facade with the members of the Duchess of Helston’s secret circle of friends. And so she flees… only to encounter wretched disaster during the carriage ride north. 

But little does Grace know that once she faces all fate has tossed her way, she will find a new life…with a tall, rugged stranger who not only saves her life but forces her to dig deep into her hidden reserves of desire and fortitude to blossom into the woman she was destined to become—a lady willing to sacrifice all for a mysterious, yet powerful man who insists he is nothing more than a perfect scoundrel. 

My Thoughts:

I put this book on my list of titles to buy mostly because I had to read Grace’s story. While I have read both A Dangerous Beauty and The Kiss, I didn’t have an easy time getting through either one. I didn’t really have a negative reaction to either book, I just found myself not incredibly invested in the main romantic plots. However, I did find myself curious about some of the secondary characters – Ata (Luc St. Aubyn’s grandmother), her one time beau, Mr. Browne, and the twice-jilted Grace. I really wanted Grace to find her HEA.

I am very glad that I did buy this book. Grace has always been a wonderful character, and I think she found a perfect hero in Michael Ranier – the mysterious blacksmith with a dark and troubled past. Michael rescues Grace after her carriage overturns in a snowstorm. He brings her to his newly inherited home and tends to her injury. The two have several days alone together in which they form a strong attachment. However, Michael is a wanted man who feels as if he can’t risk bringing Grace into his world. It doesn’t help that he is a blacksmith and far below Grace’s station in life.

Grace is ripped from Michael (it felt that way while reading this particular scene) when her two ex-fiances, Luc and Quinn arrive on their doorstep and find the two together in bed. Michael tries to be cruel to Grace before she leaves hoping to squash her tender feelings for him. Meanwhile, Luc and Quinn are outraged on Grace’s behalf. Regardless, Grace’s friends rally around her, helping her to return to London and face the fallout from her two failed engagements.

Michael does eventually journey to London. He and Grace and unable to stay away from each other – although Luc and Quinn do try to keep them from spending time alone. Michael is adamant that he does not want to deal with his past. He is wanted for murder, although the circumstances are rather dubious. It is also revealed that he is a member of the peerage. Grace absolutely refuses to let Michael be burdened by his past. She has found her true love and is determined to spend her life with him, even it if means changing their names and fleeing the country. His past does eventually catch up with him, and his newly found friendships with Luc and Quinn are invaluable to helping him clear his name. Fortunately, all works out well, and Michael and Grace find their happy ending.

Michael and Grace were great characters – and they complemented each other wonderfully. I loved that Grace was willing to give up everything she had to spend her life with Michael. Ok, she wasn’t just willing to do so, she actually did. Luc, Quinn and Ata were incredibly interfering at times, but this often made me laugh. And, it was excellent to see some resolution between Luc, Quinn and Grace – I loved how she got them to turn their guilt into a nice donation for the foundling home.

Read first March 21, 2009



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