Posted by: Jennifer | January 28, 2009

Dark of Night – Suzanne Brockmann (Pt.3)

Dark of Night – Part 1: Sophia and Dave

Dark of Night – Part 2: Decker and Tracy

General Thoughts

One of the other parts of DoN that I loved is the main suspense plot surrounding Jimmy Nash and his faked death. Nash has been dealing with the fact that The Agency wouldn’t allow him to quit working for them. He has been doing double duty for Troubleshooters, Inc. and The Agency, coming home with mysterious injuries, lying to his friends and trying to deal with it all alone. He believed that the whole mess was something that he needed to deal with alone. As a result, a rift had been growing between himself and his fiance, Tess Bailey. However, some of this came out in Into the Fire when it became apparent that someone wanted Nash dead. Hence, the plan to fake Nash’s death at the end of Into the Fire.

Of course, when dealing with covert, black ops divisions of the U.S. government faking one’s death isn’t enough to end things. Nash’s supposed death made the bad buys more anxious to cover up all of their loose ends. This put many of Nash’s friends and coworkers in danger, but especially Dave – who had once worked for the CIA like Nash, Decker and Tess. In order to uncover the bad guys and get Nash’s life back, Nash, Decker and Tess would need to rely upon the help of everyone they could find from Troubleshooters.

So, Sam, Alyssa and little baby Ashton; Robin and Jules, Tom, Lindsey, Karmody, Ric and Annie and others come to help. I love these types of scenarios where earlier characters come back and are part of the story. I especially enjoyed seeing Sam and Alyssa who get guard duty for Nash and Tess (and Robin, too). My absolute favorite part of the book has to be the scene where Sam has been asked to talk some sense into Nash before his relationship with Tess becomes unsalveagable. Sam corners Nash while Sam cooks dinner and urges Nash to open up to Tess. While having this heart-to-heart conversation, Sam gets Nash to change baby Ashton’s diaper. This conversation (and the diaper changing) made me laugh out loud. Sam is, hands-down, my favorite of the Troubleshooter heroes, and I’m so glad that he had such a prominent role in DoN.

So, I absolutely loved parts of this book; yet was very unsatisfied with the hero/heroine couplings. I am not happy with Sophia and Dave’s ending; it definitely does not feel like the expected romance-novel HEA. It feels a bit too much like real life, like  real ending where we need to worry about serious bumps in the road. This isn’t why I read romance. I like a definite, irrefutable HEA. As for Decker and Tracy, I think their relationship has more going for it in terms of a believable HEA (if we substitute Tracy Shapiro for another Tracy). However, I can’t believe that they fell in love in four days. While driving around with Tracy, Decker is having all sorts of sexual thoughts about other women, including Sophia, Tess, and Jo Heissman. I can see Decker and Tracy getting to a HEA, but not at the point where DoN ended.

My feelings about DoN are therefore very mixed. I do not feel the need to put this book on my keeper shelf with my other favorite Troubleshooter books. I doubt that I will ever feel the need to read it again. But, I am happy that I read it. It was worth the time and effort. The Decker/Sophia/Dave arc needed to be closed. I can now move on from it – hoping that Brockmann’s next surprise plot twist isn’t nearly as tumultuous to my emotional well-being.



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  3. Hello!

    I just wanted to say thank you for writing a review I can relate to 😀 Seriously, so far most of the actual reviews I’ve read so far (excluding the boards) have started with “I had no preconceived notions…” or “I never really liked Decker/Sophia…” and I just can’t connect with the review following that :/ So reading something from a Deck/Sophia fan kind of gives me a better feel about how I’ll react to this book. AND, everything I’ve read so far regarding Deck and Tracy has been slowly but steadily luring me out of my negative cave; if I can figure out how to ignore Dave then I might find myself liking this one. Lol


  4. Hi Vanessa,

    You are welcome. I am glad that you found it helpful. I had a bit of diarrhea of the mouth on this one – but was so caught up in the whole Decker/Sophia/Dave thing that I couldn’t stop myself.

    I hope you are able to enjoy the book!! 🙂

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  6. Jennifer, I pretty much agreed with your evaluation. But, even though it was brief in the book, I continue to love the relationship between Jules & Robin. They just seem to get stronger and stronger together.

  7. Carole, I totally agree with you about Jules & Robin. This is why I knew that I would have to read the book regardless of the fact that I was not thrilled about the romanctic pairings when I found out.

  8. Anyone else remember the bit in Flashpoint where Sophia says Dave will be husband no 3 – I love that got together! Can’t wait for the next book!

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