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Dark of Night – Suzanne Brockmann (Pt.2)

Dark of Night – Part 1: Sophia and Dave

Dark of Night – Part 3: General Thoughts

Decker and Tracy

Ok, so I’m good (or ok, I guess) with Decker and Sophia not ending up together. I could have been convinced that Sophia and Dave were meant for each other if the spectre of the Decker triangle had been squashed with some concrete evidence of Decker’s real turmoil; if Brockmann had stopped everyone from believing that the two loved each other; and if Sophia had been more aware of the reality of Dave. But, Decker and Tracy? This is trickier in some ways. I hate Tracy – the Tracy with whom Jenks was “in love;” the Tracy who slept with Izzy and immediately fell in love; the Tracy that came on to Dave. We definitely see parts of this Tracy, even though we also see a more mature and capable Tracy as well. I just can’t reconcile the two. They are not the same person for me. I do like the new Tracy. I am actually ok with the whole Decker/Tracy relationship, if I make the Tracy that Decker gets involved with in DoN not Tracy Shapiro. In fact, if I make this a new and different Tracy, I could actually believe that the Decker/Tracy pairing is a stronger one than the Sophia/Dave one. However, it is Tracy Shapiro with whom Decker ends up. I’m not ok with this. I need to make her someone else to buy into their HEA.

One thing that became quite clear to me while reading Dark of Night is that we never really got to know Decker. He has always been the reliable team leader without a personal life. He has always stood apart from everyone. His friends and coworkers have always talked to him, but he never really participated in actual two-way conversations in which he shared parts of himself. This started to change a bit with the introduction of the therapist, Jo Heissman in Into the Fire. She got him to open up a bit and this trend continued in DoN.

The evolution of Decker as a character is one of my favorite parts of this book. He is genuinely bothered by his reaction to the blow job that Sophia gave him years ago. Tracy, who can’t seem to stop picking at Decker, gets him to admit that it was the violence of Sophia’s sexual attack that got him off. Tracy continues to push and figures out the he harbors fantasies of being dominated – and that these fantasies or desires make him very uncomfortable. Tracy, however, knows just what to say:

“There’s nothing wrong with you,” Tracy said again. “Except for the fact that your inner prude has been shouting at you for years, telling you that you’re screwed up. You’ve got to bring the logical part of your brain into the mix. Because how can there be a right or wrong way to have sex? I mean, psycho-killers aside, there’s just not. The only question that you need to be worried about is Honey, do you like it when I do that? If the answer’s yes, game on.” (p.244)

I tend to believe that Decker desperately needed someone who would break through his self-imposed restraint – and someone who would say what Tracy said. He needed someone to accept this part of himself that he couldn’t quite accept. While I’m still not totally convinces that Sophia couldn’t have been that woman, I do think that the Tracy that we meet in this book is a better fit for him (although not the Tracy Shapiro from previous books). I think it is more believable that Tracy breaks through Decker’s restraint than Sophia.

This becomes even more apparent to me a bit later when Tracy makes an off-hand comment about the list of things that she wants to make Decker do to her. We see Decker’s vulnerable side when he asks Tracy why she thinks that being made to do things appeals to him so much. Again, Tracy responds that the reasons aren’t so important – accepting it is more so. Kudos to Brockmann for how she dealt with this subject. I thought it was extremely well done. I have always loved Decker’s character, but find him occupying a slighter larger portion of my heart after reading DoN.



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