Posted by: Jennifer | January 27, 2009

A Brief Take on Dark of Night by Suzanne Brockmann

Ok, I have about 50 pages to go before I finish Dark of Night (in the interest of complete disclosure, I did read the end of the book first – so really, I only have 30 pages left). I have so much to say about the book, but felt the need to write a brief synopsis of my initial reaction. It is a great book, but I both love it and hate it passionately. I think the plot is wonderful. So much of the book is about relationships between various characters – the main characters and others in the Troubleshooter’s world. So many Troubleshooters appear in the story.

Anyway, I understand the motivations that paired Sophia/Dave and Decker/Tracy. The reasons why Sophia and Decker don’t find a HEA make sense (although it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t have preferred this pairing). However, I still don’t like Tracy. I read this book and I made her a different person – not the woman who Mark was obsessed with nor the woman who slept with Izzy. Indeed, Brockmann wrote an incredible story here. I can’t help that I still hate the Sophia/Dave and Decker/Tracy pairings.

More to follow after I’ve slept on it . . .


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