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Ultimate Weapon – Shannon McKenna

McKenna, Shannon. Ultimate Weapon. (New York: Kensington, 2008). ISBN – 9780758211897.

Main Characters: Tamara Steele and Val Janos

Related Works: This is part of Shannon McKenna’s series about the McCloud family. Books in the series include the following:

  1. Behind Closed Doors – story of Seth MacKey and Raine Cameron
  2. Standing in the Shadows – story of Connor McCloud and Erin Riggs
  3. Out of Control – story of Davy McCloud and Margot Vetter
  4. Edge of Midnight – story of Sean McCloud and Olivia Endicott
  5. Extreme Danger – story of Nick Ward and Rebecca Cantrell
  6. Ultimate Weapon – story of Tamara and Val Janos

Description from book:

Tamara’s a bad girl with a dangerous difference. Enter a terrifying, sexually charged world of thrilling suspens, where love is the riskiet game of all . . .

The first cut is the deepest

Covert operations are what Val Janos is all about. The man is mysterious and sinister, and lethally hot. Only Tamara can understand the strange intensity that drives him to win at all costs – and only she can match it.

Val has one weak spot: Imre, the frail old main who befriended him when he was a scared, hungry kid abandoned on the streets of Budapest. But Daddy Novak knows about Imre, and Imre’s head is on the block if Val doesn’t deliver Tam up to Novak’s tender mercies . . .

A white-hot passion explodes when Tam and Val get too close. They both have too much to be afraid of, too much to hide. And now, for the first time, too much to lose. . .

My Thoughts:

Shannon McKenna’s stories take one a a very wild ride with non-stop action, emotional turmoil, mean-ass bad guys and lots and lots of sex. So far, I have read Edge of Midnight, Hot Nights, Standing in the Shadows, Extreme Danger and Ultimate Weapon. While none of the successive books have come close to usurping Edge of Midnightas my favorite, Ultimate Weapon has become my second favorite. Tamara Steele has been a staple of this series, appearing in most of the books as a tough-minded woman who never lets anyone get too close. Despite this fact, she has formed friendship-like bonds with the McCloud’s and their wives. I have always enjoyed the scenes where McCloud women come to visit – not to mention, the scenes where she seems to scare the crap out the McCloud men. Tam has been one of the most interesting female characters that McKenna has created, and I was very keen on reading her story.

Needless to say, there were lots of bad guys in this story. In fact, this might the cause of the one negative for me in this book – it just seemed a bit too much. Tam and Val got caught again and again – the target of Georg Luksch, Daddy Novak, Andras and Hegel. My head was spinning after a while thinking to myself “My God, what could possibly happen next.” Of course, in a weird sort of way, it probably fits Tam’s character to be sought after by so many bad dudes.

Anyway, I thought that McKenna did justice to Tam’s story of finding her happily ever after. She didn’t give in easily at all, but that is because Val didn’t let up on his ruthless quest to break through her defenses. Val is just as tormented as Tam – and, as such, can easily see through her no-trespassing signs. I loved the addition of little Rachel, a girl who was a victim of an organ pirate ring until taken in by Tam. Thinking of Tam caring for the little girl made me smile several times throughout the book.

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