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Seduced at Midnight – Jacquie D’Alessandro

D’Alessandro, Jacquie. Seduced at Midnight. (New York: Berkley, 2009). ISBN – 9780425225493.

Main Characters: Lady Julianne Bradley and Gideon Mayne

Related Works: This books is part of Jacquie D’Alessandro’s series centered around the Ladies Literacy Society of London. Books in the series include the following:

  • Sleepless at Midnight – story of Matthew Devenport, Lord Langston and Miss Sarah Moorehouse
  • Confessions at Midnight – story of Carolyn Turner, Viscountess Wingate and Daniel Sutton, Lord Surbrooke
  • Seduced at Midnight – story of Lady Julianne Bradley and Gideon Mayne
  • Tempted at Midnight – story of Lady Emily Stapleford and Mr. Logan Jensen (to be published April 2009)

Description from book:

The Ladies Literary Society of London gathers again for a ghost story in this sexy tale starring a beautiful lady and the rugged hero she’s determined to make her own . . .

Lady Julianne Bradley has always longed to indulge in a wild adventure. Unfortunately, the man with whom she wished to share her fervor can never be hers. Tormented by her desire, she’s preparing to succumb to a suitable marriage when ghostly occurrences straight out of her latest read start happening – and to protect Julianne, her father hires the very man her heart cries out for . . .

Bow Street Runner Gideon Mayne is determined to resist his new charge – a spoiled, pampered princess whose unequalled beauty admittedly sets his body ablaze with desire. Especially once he realized that everything he assumed about Julianne is utterly wrong. For beneath her aloof demeanor lies a passionate woman determined to provoke his raw hunger. But now that she’s decided to play with fire, who will keep her safe . . . from him?

My Thoughts:

It has been several hours since I finished reading this book, and I am still on a post-book, romantic high. I am a HUGE fan of longing, yet frustrated looks of passion passing between lovers who don’t believe that they can be together. And boy, does this book have plenty of those types of passionate looks between the main characters. Gideon Mayne is a Bow Street Runner who has been investigating s series of robberies/murders among the ton. In the course of his investigation, he meets Lady Julianne Bradley, the daughter of an earl – an earl with very high expectations for his daughter’s future. Gideon and Julianne are immediately taken with each other.

Facing a grim marriage to an older duke, Julianne grasps a chance to spend more time with Gideon. She tells him that she has heard ghostly groaning during the night. When she finds a note saying “Yor Next” on her bedroom floor, her father decides to hire Gideon to protect her. After all, the earl can’t afford to have anything happen to his daughter before her marriage to the duke. This, of course, throws the two together. Gideon is determined to leave Julianne alone. However, Julianne is determined to experience passion with Gideon before her arranged marriage.

The tension between Gideon and Julianne is palpable. Gideon believes he is honor-bound to stay away from Julianne. Yet, Julianne pushes him time and time again. In fact, Julianne is the aggressor in several of their encounters. Meanwhile, Gideon realizes that the robbery/murder plot that he is trying to solve involves Julianne and her suitors. This makes it imperative that he solve the crimes and protect Julianne. Gideon does eventually find the murderer, but then walks away from the woman he loves. Their stations are not compatible. Gideon knows that Julianne’s parents would never approve of him for a son-in-law. However, with the help of Julianne’s friends, the two lovers do get their HEA.

I loved both Julianne and Gideon. I thought the two were perfect for each – as were Caesar and Princess Buttercup, by the way. I also love the Ladies Literary Society – four extremely close friends who are always their for each other. I get a big kick out of their reading habits and out of the way they manage their husbands. I can’t wait for the next book, Tempted at Midnight – the story of Emily Stapleford and Logan Jensen. Big, big sighs!!!!

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