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Only Pleasure – Lora Leigh

Leigh, Lora. Only Pleasure. (New York: St. Martin’s Griffin, 2008). ISBN – 9780312368739.

Main Characters: Chase Falladay and Kia Rutherford-Stanton

Related Works: This books is part of Lora Leigh’s Bound Heart series which includes the following works:

  • Surrender – appeared in an anthology titled Ties that Bind which also includes a story by Jaid Black. Surrender is Tess Delacourte and Cole Andrews’ story; Jesse Wyman acts as Cole’s third.
  • Submission – in the Submission/Seduction duo. This is the story of Ella James (Tess Delacourte’s mother) and James Wyman.
  • Seduction – in the Submission/Seduction duo. This is Jesse Wyman and Terrie Wyman’s story.
  • Wicked Intent – in the Wicked Intent duo. This is he story of the relationship between Tally Raines, Lucian Conover and Devril Conover.
  • Sacrifice – in the Wicked Intent duo. This is Kimberly Madison and Jared Reddington’s story.
  • Embraced – in the Shameless Embraces duo. This is the story of Marey and Sax Brogan.
  • Shameless – in the Shameless Embraces duo. This is Ian Sinclair and Courtney Mattlaw’s story; Khalid el Hamid-Mustafa is Ian’s third.
  • Forbidden Pleasure– This is the story of the romance between John “Mac” McCoy, Keily Hardin and Jethro Riggs.
  • Wicked Pleasure – Cameron Falladay and Jaci Wrights’ story; Cameron’s brother Chase is his third.
  • Only Pleasure– Chase Falladay and Kia Rutherford-Stanton’s story; Khalid el Hamid-Mustafa is Chase’s third. 

Description from book:

He would fulfill her every desire.

Since Chase Falladay came to her rescue two years ago, Kia Rutherford-Stanton has never been able to forget the powerful man of the kind of life he leads. Two years later, when she runs into Chase and his friend Khalid and leaves the bar with them that night, she knows exactly where it is all heading. However, little prepares her fr what it is like to be in Chase’s bed. After years of holding back, Kia is finally able to be the woman she’s always dreamed of being – in his arms.

Kia is a dream Chase has not allowed himself to entertain. Now that he has her body, it’s her heart he’s after, and he’s determined to win it, no matter the cost. And even though they both agreed that it would only be for pleasure, somewhere along the way it becomes an all-consuming love.

My Thoughts:

Chase Falladay and his brother provide security for Ian Sinclair’s club. Chase was the one who had dealt with the lead about their club by one of their members’ wives. Kia was that wife who found out about the club and how its members liked share their women with other members. Kia learned this when her husband brought another man home with him, plied her with alcohol and attempted to force her to have sex with him and his third. Hysterical, lost and confused, she told a friend about the club and its members proclivities. This, of course, is the reason that Chase had been sent in to deal with Kia – to try and get her to retract her story. Overall, miminal damage was done to the club or its members. But, Kia retreated into her self, cut herself off from the world, and became rather lonely.

A couple of years later, Kia is starting to live again. One night, she runs into Chase and Khalid. She is, and has always been, attracted to Chase. Also, she is definitely curious about the sharing lifestyle the club members enjoy. She agrees to leave with Chase knowing full well what Chase and Khalid have in store for her. While she definitely enjoys the night that she spent with the two men, it is Chase with whom she falls in love. Chase, much like his brother Cameron, fights to keep his emotions out of his relationship with Kia. This is part of the reason that he resists being intimate with Kia without Khalid. Eventually, Kia demands that Chase come to her alone. While he puts up a good fight, he can’t stay away.

Chase really must face his demons when it becomes apparent that someone plans to hurt Kia. After all, the person is after Kia because of something that Chase did while protecting his brother and Jaci.

I love Lora Leigh’s books, and this one was no exception. I have been reading the Bound Hearts’ series for several years – and was thrilled that Khalid was back. He is one of my favorite characters. I was thrilled that Leigh gave us some more information about Khalid and seemed to be setting up his story. Yeah!!! I do, however, think that my love of Khalid was the reason that I was a bit disappointed in some parts of this book. Obviously, one of the major components to this series is m/f/m menage scenes. I believe that Leigh does a good job mixing up how the menages work. In some of her books, the heroes invite a third into their bed and plan to continue this practice after they are in a committed relationship (this book and many others). In others, the menages stop after the hero and heroine commit (Wicked Pleasure). And, in a couple of books (Wicked Intent and Forbidden Pleasures, the menage is the committed, HEA relationship.

But regardless of all of this, the third is generally a significant part of the love play between the hero and the heroine – even if he only participates once in a while. But in Only Pleasure, I felt as if Khalid’s participation was sometimes minimized. In the last scene where the three have sex together, Khalid simply gets up, puts his clothes on and leaves. He doesn’t get to cuddle or have after time – something which thirds do get in earlier works. He doesn’t even say goodbye. Chase and Kia don’t even seem to notice. At other times, Khalid seems to sense that he should leave. While there was never any hint of this attitude bothering Khalid, it did bother me a bit. It seemed as if he were simply an extra appendage being used so that Chase could penetrate Kia in multiple orifices at once. It wouldn’t have bothered me as much if Chase decided that he did not want to share Kia going forward in their lives together. However, Chase makes it clear that he still will need to have a third in order to sate his darker needs and cravings. I can buy that Chase like having a third, but I think that he needs to incorporate the third into his sexual relationship with Kia a bit more – not just use the third for anal sex.

Overall, this is a minor issue – and didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the book. I definitely love to dissect the dynamics of relationships with multiple partners – and Leigh has always given me lots to dissect with her stories, and the varying ways that the characters interact with each other.

And, I can’t wait for Khalid’s story!!!!

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  2. I’ve read three of these and this was finished tonight. I gotta admit, I cant wait for Khalid’s story either. He’s intruiging and the little hints we got a the end of the books tempts me for what might come.

    I did love Chase’s story and reading Cameron’s first and Ian and Courtney’s. I gotta admit, Ian was my fave hero probably because he is the most wild.

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