Posted by: Jennifer | January 6, 2009

New Books, Tuesdays & Some Annoyances

When I get home from work today, Lora Leigh’s Only Pleasure, Jacquie D’Alessandro’s Seduced at Midnightand Janet Evanovich’s Plum Spooky will be waiting on my doorstep. Yeah! There is no doubt in my mind that I will be a reading fool tonight (okay, I admit that I am probably always a reading fool).

But, I have a question, why do most books come out on Tuesdays?? I find it annoying and a bit incomprehensible. There are many, many books that I must have on the day they are published. However, I find it inconvenient to have to try and go to a bookstore on a Tuesday – and quite often some of the books that I want are not actually on the shelves at the bookstores closest to where I live and work. I hate having to call various bookstores to ask if they have books. Recently, I called a bookstore and the person working there was fairly sure that they had the book I was looking for. However, it would be in the back storeroom, if it was in the store. She wouldn’t be able to actually go back and verify that it was in stock because she was the only person working. In this case, it all worked out. I asked them to hold two other books for me, and just drove over there on my lunch break. The sales associate had gone into the back room and retrieved the 3rd book for me. Yet, so often, it doesn’t work out as well for me. As a whole, this situation makes me much more apt to buy new releases from Amazon. With Amazon Prime, if I pre-order the books, they generally arrive on the day they are released – and are waiting for me when I get home from work. I don’t have to call anyone. I only have to wait until I get home from work. It is incredibly convenient.

The down side is that I like going to the bookstore – ok, I love going to the bookstore. I wish it were more convenient to use bookstores for new releases. I don’t even want to get started on the phenomenon where books are put on the shelves before their actual release date. I love when I happen to be at the bookstore and notice, but admit to feeling a bit cheated when I am unaware that a store has started selling a book early.

Anyway, those are my woes for today. I will now go back to being excited that I will have books waiting for me tonight!!

Another unrelated annoyance: My Roundup for 2008 post must be too long. It has whacked out my right-side navigation bar in IE 7. It is fine in Firefox, but I primarily use IE. I’m hoping everything goes back to normal once the post gets pushed off the home page.



  1. I think just about everything comes out on Tuesdays: movies, music, books, etc. Seems a weird day of the week for new releases, but occasionally you get lucky with a non-Tuesday. On 1/1, I went to my local book store to pick up Megan Hart’s Stranger (which was released that day), and they already had Lora Leigh’s Only Pleasure out on the shelves. So I snagged it too and saved myself a return trip. I wondered if I should have said something to the manager, but I wanted the book so I didn’t.

  2. The tuesdays thing is – as I understand it – about shipping and the fact that it doesn’t happen on weekends. Monday is technically the start of the week, but since a lot of shipping places (like USPS, UPS, etc) dont ship on Sundays (or charge a lot extra) and a lot of stores are either closed or reduced hours on Sundays, it’s going to be a lot harder to get all your shiny new product on the shelves by start of business Monday.

    But by making your street date tuesday, you’re giving the store workers time to get the product you receive on the first work week day (Monday) on the shelves.

    Granted, lots of stores receive stuff on a rotating basis, hold it till street date, but it’s become the way things are done, and it makes more than a little logistical/business sense.

  3. Missy, I hadn’t really thought about it, but I guess you are right that most things seems to come out on Tuesdays. I do enjoy it when books get put on the shelf early, but wish that they stores could make it known.

    manloveebooks, thanks for the information. I had no idea why books are released on Tuesdays. Your explanation makes sense. I do think that business models need to shift a bit with online shopping. The Tuesday thing does frustrate me a bit, but I can live with it. It really frustrates me when stores put things out on the shelves early, and I don’t know it. I wish I understood the theory behind this one.

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