Posted by: Jennifer | January 4, 2009

Hot Nights – Shannon McKenna

McKenna, Shannon. Hot Nights. (New York: Brava, 2006). ISBN – 9780758205650.

Main Characters: Alexander (Zan) Duncan and Abby Maitland

Description from book:

In the crosshairs . . .

Abby Maitland just landed a dazzling exhibit of priceless Spanish treasure for the museum – and someone would kill for it. Whether she likes it or not, Zan Duncan has to protect her. But Abby’s mesmerized by Zan’s untamed strength and very sexual vibe. From the long dark hair, the thick, hard muscles, and the black leather jacket right on down to the honed fighting skills and the tattoos, Zan is a master of subtle seduction, giving her night after night of hot night of secret, endless pleasure. Then a lethal game of deception, greed and murder gets underway – a game more sinister than Abby and Zan every imagined. When no one can be trusted and no place is safe, their passion may be the only thing that can save them. . .

My Thoughts:

My mind is still reeling a bit from the book. Overall, I liked the plot surrounding the plan to steal the Pirate treasure that is on display at the museum where Abby works. But, I had a bit of a problem with the main characters. I truly liked Zan. He is a great alpha-type dominant male hero with a voracious sexual appetite. These are two things that seem to be indicative of Shannon McKenna heroes – and two things that I like in my romance heroes. Abby, on the other hand, irritated me to no end.

She has had a string of really bad boyfriends; ones who crashed her cars (without insurance); borrowed money that they had no intention of returning; and one who hid drugs in her attic. In order to make better choices, Abby created a list of characteristics that she needed to look for in a boyfriend. Zan, with his tattoos, long hair, impulsive nature, etc, didn’t fit the bill. Eventually, they start a sexual relationship, but Abby isn’t really thinking about a relationship with Zan. She just can’t say no to the sex. Personally, I didn’t think she was too nice to Zan. His stalker-type actions (which were annoying) seemed to be because of the way that Abby treated him. I did understand where he was coming from when he went all caveman. In those moments, I did think that Zan was pushing too hard. There were some moments of dubious consent to sexual activity. Zan never came close to hurting Abby, but he definitely kept pushing past her defenses until the no became a yes. I definitely had many occasions when I wished that Zan would just get over Abby and move on to someone else. And, this isn’t really the best feeling to have about the main characters in a romance novels.

Ok, really? Didn’t Abby notice that the men she did date in this book (who she choose using the list) were just as bad as her previous boyfriends? I mean, when she and Zan meet, she is fighting off on of the nice, well-off guys. She is having a similar problem when they meet the second time. Then, she allows herself to get caught up with Lucien who is the bad guy. On the surface, Lucien does meet her list criteria – except for his psychopathic murdering and thieving tendencies. Man, I wanted to whack her in the head several times. Once Lucien dropped his Mark-persona and started using his real name, I knew exactly how he would trap Abby.

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