Posted by: Jennifer | December 29, 2008


I probably don’t really need to fit any new tv shows into my viewing schedule. However, during the holidays, much of prime time is re-runs. So, I decided to DVR the new TNT show Leverage. I’ve always been a fan of Timothy Hutton – and the premise sounded intriguing.

It is a great show. Timothy Hutton is a tormented soul whose son died after an insurance company refused to pay for an experimental course of treatment. I don’t think that the entire backstory has been explained, but the trauma of losing his son led to the destruction of his marriage, the loss of his job, and possibly alcoholism. I believe that Hutton worked for the insurance company that denied the treatment to his son – and it isn’t clear if Hutton’s character Nate was fired or quit his job.

In the first episode, he is hired to watch over a band of thieves that a aerospace executive has hired to steal some plans. Thus, Nate becomes the leader of a band of talented thieves. When they are double-crossed by the executive, the group plans revenge – and hopes to bring the dishonest executive down.

I think that these characters are wonderful. Sophie, the actress, is a riot – and I think she has great chemistry with Nate. Eliot is great as the quiet guy who take out a roomful of bad guys in seconds (without a gun). Alec is the group’s technical guy who seems a bit afraid of being in the field. He cracked me up in the most recent episode, The Miracle Job, when he had to work with Eliot as the muscle. And what can one say about Parker? The rest of the group often says that “There is something not right about her.” And it is true – she is a bit wacky.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the rest of season 1.


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