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Edge of Midnight – Shannon McKenna

McKenna, Shannon. Edge of Midnight. (New York: Brava, 2007). ISBN – 9780758211859.

Main Characters: Sean McCloud and Olivia Endicott

Related Works: This is part of Shannon McKenna’s series about the McCloud family. Books in the series include the following:

  1. Behind Closed Doors – story of Seth MacKey and Raine Cameron
  2. Standing in the Shadows – story of Connor McCloud and Erin Riggs
  3. Out of Control – story of Davy McCloud and Margot Vetter
  4. Edge of Midnight – story of Sean MCloud and Olivia Endicott
  5. Extreme Danger – story of Nick Ward and Rebecca Cantrell
  6. Ultimate Weapon – story of Tamara and Val Janos

Description from Book:

The Breaking Point

On the very day an arsonist burns down Liv’s bookstore in a small town in the Washington mountains, she finds fate has another shock in store for her. Amid the smoke, rubble, and tears, Sean McCloud appears, calling her name. He’s every inch the man he always was – the man she kept on wanting. But wanting is not the same as trusting, and she doesn’t dare let him get too close. Yet a ruthless killer is gunning for Liv, and she’ll die unless they join forces to unearth a chilling truth – and come together in a blaze of searing passion . . .

My Thoughts:

Shannon McKenna is another author that I had never read. Again, I’m not sure why I picked up this book. I was in the mood for something different, hoping that new authors and/or books would help me out of my reading slump. I definitely scored with Lauren Dane’s Undercover. So, who would have thought I would be two for two. But, I was captivated by Edge of Midnight from the beginning. There was something very endearing about Sean McCloud – despite the fact that Sean seemed like a rather shady character. Sean is a rather damaged soul – mostly from the loss of his twin brother Kev many years before the start of Edge of Midnight. Well, and the fact that he had a rather unorthodox upbringing by a paranoid father. The book actually opens on the anniversary of Kev’s death – a death that seems unresolved. Sean still has dreams about his brother and the conspiracy surrounding Kev’s death that may or may not have been real. This also happens to be the day that Sean made Liv leave town by telling her that his attentions towards her had been the result of a bet. The day has always been a bad one for Sean, so much so that his brothers routinely have to watch out for him on that day each year.

Shortly after Sean’s family drags him home after a night of heavy partying, Sean hears that Liv Endicott’s new bookstore has blown up. With some recent dream advice from Kev, Sean goes to see Liv. Liv has been receiving threatening emails from the person who blew up her bookstore. Sean is very concerned and is not willing to let anyone hurt Liv. Soon, the two are in trouble and running for their lives from a psychopathic doctor conducting mind control experiments and his henchman, otherwise known as T-Rex.

Along the way, Sean breaks through Liv’s reluctance to become romantically involved again. And boy, does he ambush her defenses. Sean is a very sexually charged man who is willing to use everything he has to seduce Liv. It doesn’t take much. Once he gets through her defenses, he continues to get through them again and again and again. I will tell you, I felt soreness in my intimate places after reading about Sean and Liv’s repeated couplings. At one point, I was thinking “Seriously, again?? I need a break.” Despite this minor complaint, Sean definitely wormed his way into my heart. I was actually bummed when I got to the end of book – I really didn’t want it to end.

Anyway, I immediately put the rest of Shannon McKenna’s titles on my wish list. I am really looking forward to reading them – especially Tam’s story, she is a hoot.

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