Posted by: Jennifer | December 13, 2008

The Darkest Touch – Jaci Burton

Burton, Jaci. The Darkest Touch. (New York: Dell, 2008). ISBN – 9780440244547.

Main Characters: Angelique Deveraux and Ryder

Related Works: This books is part of Jaci Burton’s Demon Hunter series. Other books include:

  • Surviving Demon Island – the story of Gina Bliss and Derek Marks
  • Hunting the Demon– the story of Shay Pearson and Nic Diavolo
  • The Darkest Touch– the story of Angelique Deveraux and Ryder
  • Taken by Sin – the story of Dalton and Isabelle (to be released June 23, 2009)

Description from Book:

Ryder. The man was just as sexy as she remembered him: tall, lean, and dangerous, a demon hunter with the body of a god . . .

But archaeologist Angelique Deveraux has little time for lust. She’s been hiding a gleaming black diamond, a prize everyone wants – including Ryder – and now she’s running for her life. Hot on her trail is Ryder, a legendary demon hunter she desires but can’t quite trust, a man with an insatiable need for danger and a few dark secrets of his own.

As sparks ignite between the rogue hunter and his latest prey, Angie’s world is rocked again when her twin sister vanishes, stolen away by the same dark forces stalking Angie and the black diamond. With Ryder offering protection – and more – suddenly a woman who’s never trusted anyone is falling for a man who isn’t afraid of anything . . . except losing his heart. Now, as an all-out demon war erupts and Angie’s quest to save her sister are about to collide. And when they do, it’ll send these two wary hearts on the wildest adventure of their lives – and maybe even save humankind in the process . . .

My Thoughts:

I’m not entirely sure why some paranormal worlds appeal to me and some do not. I like vampires, gods, goddesses, and werewolves, but don’t really care for faeries, ghosts, underwater dwellers, and others. Generally, magic turns me off – as well as demons that I don’t really understand. I think this is why The Darkest Touch wasn’t my favorite book – I didn’t really understand the demons or the demon hunters. I’m not quite sure what they are. Now, part of this could well be because this isn’t the first book in the series. I’m sure that I missed a great deal of Burton’s set up for this series. Who are the Sons of Darkness? the Realm of the Light? I felt a bit adrift for much of this book when it came to the demon/black diamond/queen storyline.

Now having said that, I did like the characters of Ryder and Angie. I thought that they made a good team and a good couple. I enjoyed the romantic part of their adventure quite a bit.I was even more intrigued by the subplot involving Isabelle and Dalton. While I don’t think that this series by Burton will be one that I will continue to read, I will need to read Isabelle and Dalton’s story (Taken by Sin) when it comes out next summer.

Read first December 2008



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