Posted by: Jennifer | December 13, 2008

Let the Night Begin – Kathryn Smith

Smith, Kathryn. Let the Night Begin. (New York: Avon, 2008). ISBN – 9780061245039.

Main Characters: Reign and Olivia Gavin

Date: 1899

Related Works: This is part of Kathryn Smith’s Brotherhood of the Blood Series. The following books are included in this series:

  1. Be Mine Tonight– story of Chapel and Prudence Ryland
  2. Night of the Huntress – story of Bishop and Marika
  3. Taken by the Night– story of Saint and Ivy Dearing
  4. Let the Night Begin – story of Reign and Olivia Gavin
  5. Night After Night – story of Temple and Vivian (to be released January 27, 2009)

Description from book:

A Vampire Will Not Rest Until He Satisfies His Hunger . . .

And what I, Reign, hungered for most of all was Olivia Gavin. I have never met a woman more beautiful, more tantalizing and so I made her my bride. She promised me her heart and soul . . . in return, I plundered her flesh, and bound her to me for all eternity. Then, terrified of what I’d made her, she fled.

Now she has returned, desperate for my help in saving her beloved nephew. But my assistance comes at a price: She must share my bed once more, for the feel of her soft skin, the heat of her kiss, excite me still. And I know she desires me, even as she resists her own heart.

Yet, as we rediscover the passion that brought us together, an enemy waits to destroy us both . . .

My Thoughts:

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been in a reading slump – picking up books and not really being interested in reading them. As such, I didn’t particularly have high hopes that I would be able to get any significant reading in today. However, I was pleasantly surprised that I wanted to finish Let the Night Begin – almost from page one. Olivia Gavin has a problem. Her nephew, James has been kidnapped. She has been instructed to bring her estranged husband to Scotland in exchange for James. Olivia hasn’t seen Reign, her husband, for 30 years – since he turned her into a vampire on their wedding night. Olivia felt betrayed by Reign’s actions, so she fled. But desperate to save James, she travels to London to convince her husband to help her. Her plan is to get Reign to accompany her to Scotland and then to trade him for James. She decides not to tell Reign that he is the demanded ransom. Reign still loves Olivia and feels compelled to help her. He does this even though he knows that Olivia isn’t telling him the full story. The two set off for Scotland.

I have to say that Reign was my favorite character – I have mentioned that I am a sucker for tortured alpha-type heroes, right? He has suffered in his wife’s absence; agonizing over his actions; hoping his wife would return to him. Olivia was an interesting character. However, she did suffer quite a bit because of her bitterness towards her husband and his actions. I admittedly got a bit tired of her stubborn need to cling to her anger. It also bothered me that she wouldn’t confide in Reign about the truth of the kidnappers demand. I could tell that there was more going on than a simple trade of Reign for James. Then, there is James – who annoyed me because he was complicit in the kidnapping scheme.

Fortunately, Olivia does redeem herself in the end. She couldn’t just hand Reign over – and I liked the way she came to that conclusion. James didn’t redeem himself, but he gets shipped off the Americas. Meanwhile, Olivia and Reign find their HEA. This was a very enjoyable read. I think that I may have to read the rest of the books in the series.

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