Posted by: Jennifer | October 26, 2008

The Mistress Diaries – Julianne MacLean

MacLean, Julianne. The Mistress Diaries. (New York: Avon, 2008). ISBN – 9780061456848.

Main Characters: Lord Vincent Sinclair and Cassandra Montrose, Lady Colchester

Related Works: This is part of Julian MacLean’s Pembroke Palace Series. Books in the series include:

  • In My Wildest Fantasies – story of Lady Rebecca Newland and Devon Sinclair
  • The Mistress Diaries – story of Lord Vincent Sinclair and Cassandra Montrose, Lady Colchester
  • When a Stranger Loves Me – story of Blake Sinclair (to be published 2009)

Description from book:

He told me he would treat my heart with great care. He was lying, of course, for it was all a very clever, skillful seduction . . .

The night I met Lord Vincent Sinclair, son of the Duke of Pembroke, was the night I lost control. I never imagined that I, Cassandra Montrose, could engage is such wicked, wanton behavior with a man I hardly knew. But in that fateful moment, alone in his coach, the passion I felt for him was undeniable, even though I knew that after my surrender, I was unlikely to ever see my lover again.

Until a fateful secret brought me to his door . . .

I always believed my pride would prevent me from becoming any man’s mistress – especially a rogue like Vincent, who cares for nothing but his inheritance. Yet, I have a very good reason to remain in Vincent’s life. If only he did not tempt me so . . .

My Thoughts:

I did finally finish this book. It took me about two weeks to do so because I had a tough time with this one. Vincent wasn’t my favorite hero. In fact, I rather hated him for the first 100-150 pages. However, I really enjoyed the first book in this series, In My Wildest Fantasies. For this reason, I continued reading the book. I will say that it did get better for me. Fortunately, Vincent was much more likable after he and Cassandra came to their agreement about living arrangements for her and their daughter June. At this point, we did get to see a better side of Vincent – and his sister Charlotte did give me the information that I needed to believe that Vincent did care for Cassandra despite his actions. Charlotte told us that Vincent had a hair clip of Cassandra’s that he kept beside his bed. Additionally, Charlotte was with Vincent when he received one of Cassandra’s letters – and did agonize over reading its contents. This made me feel better about his rather callous-seeming actions. I am glad that I finished the book. While the illegitimate-child plot is one that still bothers me, I was satisfied with how Vincent and Cassandra came together.


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