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Mercury’s War – Lora Leigh

Leigh, Lora. Mercury’s War. (New York: Berkley, 2008). ISBN – 9780425224182.

Main Characters: Mercury Warrant and Gloria (Ria) Rodriquez

Related Works: This is one of Lora Leigh’s the Breeds Series. See Lora Leigh’s Breed Chronology. This series includes the following:


Description from book:

There’s trouble brewing at Sanctuary. Someone has been slipping secure information to a pharmaceutical company. Now it’s up to Ria Rodriquez to pose as a clerk and uncover the leak. And she has no idea of the danger she’s about to encounter.

Years ago, Mercury Warrant – who, according to his file, is one of the greatest Breeds every created – thought he lost his mate and he’s had to live with the idea that he’ll never know true bonding. Then he’s tapped to protect the mysterious Ria – and finds himself falling in love.

But Ria is a woman of many secretys, and she fears being consumed by her feelings for Mercury. Little does she know that she has every right to be afraid. Because the woman believed to be Mercury’s true mate is back from the grave, and she’s not about to let Ria – or anyone else – get in her way. . .

My Thoughts:

Ok, Mercury Warrant just might be my new favorite breed. While he has been in several of Lora Leigh’s Breed books thus far, he hasn’t been a prominent figure. He has been there on missions as one of Jonas’ Enforcers. I certainly had no prior knowledge of his issues with feral fever nor did I know that his Breed senses were not as sharp as others. Of course, it seems as if the years of drug therapy to control the feral fever is the reason for his dulled senses – that and his own determination to not allow his inner beast to surface. This, of course, made Mercury a fascinating character.

In this book, Ria Rodriquez comes to Sanctuary as a representative of Leo Vanderdale to seemingly determine whether Vanderdale’s funding should continue. However, she has an ulterior motive. Somebody at Sanctuary has been leaking information to a pharmaceutical company – mostly for financial remuneration. Ria is determined to find and stop the culprit. Jonas assigns Mercury as her liaison/bodyguard. This is especially necessary since Ria chooses to live outside of Sanctuary.

Ria and Mercury work very closely together and are each overcome by their attraction to each other. They begin a relationship – and here is where I think that Lora Leigh was able to do something very interesting and mess with our head a little bit. Mated Breeds are one of the cornerstones of the series. There are physical symptoms that manifest themselves when two people who are mates have some type of exchange of or exposure to hormones that exist in the bodily fluids of Breeds.  The pair go into heat, and it is almost impossible for those involved to resist mating. Male Breeds generally mark their mates with a bite. This mark is permanent. However, Ria and Mercury begin sleeping together without any of these symptoms appearing. Leigh suggests that the reason for this is that Mercury had already had a mate and lost her to death. We do find out that Mercury believes that this other woman (Alaiya) was his mate due to testing that had been done. The two had never formally mated. Thus, we can only wonder about the nature of the relationship between Ria and Mercury, especially since the signs of mating are something that have shown up quickly in every other Breed relationship (that we know of anyway).

So, are Mercury and Ria mates? The two fall in love with each other. Ria definitely has trouble with the fact that she isn’t Mercury’s mate. To add insult to injury, the thought-dead Alaiya returns from the grave to try and claim Mercury as her mate. It is only after Alaiya kissed Mercury that his glands begin to swell and produce the mating hormone. While he then does Mate with Ria, she is left believing that he was trying to mess with nature. In reality, the delay in the appearance of the mating hormone has more to do with Mercury repression of his inner beast. As he and Ria become closer, his animal instincts seem to get stronger. While Dr. Morrey believes that the emergence of his animal instincts signal the return of the feral fever, this is not the case (Dr. Morrey has her own set of impressive problems in this book because she is being used by the traitors).

While Mercury and Ria are dealing with their mating heat, they get closer and closer to catching the traitor. This is the one part where I found some fault with the book. I thought the resolution of the traitor issue was weak. It felt incomplete. Fortunately, I had a copy of the anthology The Magical Christmas Cat on hand. This book has Leigh’s next installment of the Breed series, Christmas Heat. The resolution was incomplete in Mercury’s War. The events of Christmas Heat pick up where Mercury’s War end – and are important to getting the full story. While technically, the real resolution takes place in Christmas Heat, I feel compelled to add here that I knew from the time she appeared that Alaiya had to be involved in something. Why else would she return? Did Jonas not really suspect her involvement? I did find it difficult to believe that she wasn’t suspected as part of the plot in Mercury’s War.

Despite this slight problem in the resolution of the traitor plot, I think Lora Leigh has written another wonderful Breed story. This series is one of my favorites – and sometimes such obsessive devotion makes it easier for a book to fail to live up to one’s expectations. Fortunately, this didn’t happen here.

Now, I can’t wait for Coyote’s Mate to come out. I was hooked by the excerpt in Mercury’s War. But I still want to get Jonas’ story; to find out about Cassie; and now to get Dr. Morrey’s story. The last couple of pages seem to hint that Dr. Ely Morrey and Jonas might end up together. Please, I NEED to know!!!!!!!!!!

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