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Dark Side of the Moon – Sherrilyn Kenyon

Kenyon, Sherrilyn. Dark Side of the Moon. (New York: St. Martins, 2006). ISBN – 0312357435.

Main Characters: Ravyn Kontis and Susan Michaels

Related Works: This is part of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter Series. Books in the series include the following:

  • Fantasy Lover – Grace Alexander and Julian of Macedon
  • The Beginning – short story about the beginning of the Dark-Hunters
  • Dragonswan – Channon MacRea and Sebastian
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  • Kiss of the Night – Wulf Tryggvasen and Cassandra Peters
  • Night Play – Bride McTierney and Vane Kattalakis
  • Winter Born –Dante Pontis and Pandora Kouti (short story in Stroke of Midnight Anthology)
  • Seize the Night – Valerius Magnus and Tabitha Devereaux
  • Sins of the Night – Alexion and Dangereuse St. Richard
  • Second Chances – short story about Acheron and Styxx
  • Unleash the Night – Wren Tigerian and Marguerite D’Aubert Goudeau
  • Dark Side of the Moon – Susan Michaels and Ravyn Kontis
  • A Hard Day’s Night-Searcher – Rafael Santiago and Celena
  • Until Death Do We Part – Esperetta and Velkan Danesti
  • Fear the Darkness – short story about Nick Gautier – ebook
  • The Dream Hunter – Arik and Dr. Megeara Kafieri
  • Devil May Cry – Sin and Katra
  • Upon the Midnight Clear – Aidan O’Connor and Leta
  • Dark-Hunter Companion – includes the short story Second Chances
  • Dream Chaser – Xypher and Simone Dubois
  • Acheron – Acheron and Soteria Kafieri
  • One Silent Night – Strykerius and Zephyra

Description from book:

Susan Michaels was once the hottest reporter on the Beltway Beat until a major scandal ruined her life and left her writing stories about alien babies and Elvis sightings. Life as she once knew it is over, or so she thinks, but then she gets a lead on a story that could salvage her extinct career. She heads to the local animal shelter, expecting a hot news tip, which she gets in the form of a major police cover up. . . for a ring of soul-sucking vampires out to take over Seattle. So much for saving her credibility.

And it that isn’t bad enough, she gets talked into adopting a cat and finds she’s allergic to it. A cat that turns out to be a shapeshifter who claims to be an immortal vampire slayer on the prowl for the same corrupt cops. Her first thought: seek professional help.

But as Susan’s drawn into Ravyn’s dark and dangerous wolrd, she comes to realize that there’s a lot more at stake than just her defunct career. Now it’s no longer a question of bringing the truth to her readers; it’s a matter of saving their very lives and souls.

Ravyn’s life was shattered over four hundred years ago, when he mistakenly trusted the wrong human with the truth of his existence. He lost his family, his honor and his life. Now, in order to save the people of Seattle, he’s forced to confront that nightmare all over again, and to trust another woman with the secret that could destroy him.

In the world of the Dark-Hunters, life is always dangerous. But never more so than now, when a very human woman can shatter their entire world with just one story. The only question is . . . will she?

My Thoughts:

One of the aspects of this book that I really enjoyed was the deeper look into the world of the Squires. Squires have a much more active role in the action – and we got a good glimpse into how squires interact with each other. Leo Kirby was rather intriguing as a Squire Regis who manages a sleazy newspaper that prints stories of a dubious nature. Regardless of his day job, Leo does take his squire duties quite seriously. I think that Kenyon picked a great spot to introduce Nick in his new Dark-Hunter role – given that he was a squire. Nick’s presence made for interesting reactions among the squires – several of whom he was quite close to.

I will say that I hated reading about the new, embittered Nick, however. It was rather painful to read about his actions – knowing full well that he was going to side with Stryker against Acheron. There was a part of me that wanted to stop reading the book, but, of course, that really wasn’t an option. So, I sucked it up. This is one story line that I would like to see resolved quickly – although I’m pretty sure it won’t be. ARGH!

So, I enjoyed the book. I enjoyed Ravyn and Susan’s relationship. It was rather interesting that Ravyn did not want his soul back in the end. His reasons made sense to me. However, I’m not sure being in Artemis’ service is such a great thing. I am also hoping that we will find out more about Cael. I liked him tremendously – and really, really want to know what is up with him and Amaranda.

Boy, reading series can be frustrating some times (but I mean that in the best way possible)! I hate not having all of the answers.

Things Learned in this Book:

  • Ravyn Kontis was killed by his brother Phoenix after Ravyn told his human mate Isabeau about being a shapeshifter. Isabeau told her family who slaughtered many of the Kontis patra – including Ravyn’s mother and Phoenix’s mate.
  • Ravyn sold his soul to Artemis in order to take vengeance upon Isabeau and her family. He did take his vengeance.
  • Ravyn is both a Were-Hunter and a Dark-Hunter. He is an Arcadian Were-Hunter who takes the form of a leopard. As a result, he can withstand some daylight in his cat form. He can only hold cat form for so long before his magick will turn on him and eventually kill him.
  • Erika Thomas is his temporary squire. She runs a website as Dark Angel where she complains about Ravyn.
  • Stryker is leading a group of Daimons that are working with human officials in the Seattle area. The Daimon souls are trapped in Kalosis for something a long-forgotten queen from Atlantis did. She sent her soldiers to murder Apollo’s mistress and child. Stryker found a mythical portal to let him descend there from the world of man. Apollymi, a god with greater fury than Stryker, embraced Stryker, adopted him and showed him how to harvest human souls to circumvent the curse which kills Apollites at 27 years of age. Despite this, Stryker hates Apollymi and is plotting to overthrow her – and to take the human realm.
  • There are 9 Dark-Hunters in Seattle and several more in the surrounding areas.
  • Satara is Stryker’s half-sister and is not afraid of him. She is also one of Artemis’ handmaidens. She wants to find a way to get out of serving Artemis.
  • Stryker shows compassion in this book. He won’t let the humans neuter Ravyn when he is in a cage at the vet’s office (in cat form). He likes worthy advocates to die with dignity. He says “Trickery isn’t worthy of our species(p.18).” He also allows Ravyn and Susan to walk away after he kills the human co-conspirator, Paul.
  • Stryker and company are working with humans to take out the Dark-Hunters in Seattle to draw out Acheron and have the humans kill him. Stryker has been forbidden to kill Acheron by Apollymi. He knows this would incur her wrath.
  • Cael is a Dark-Hunter in Seattle who lives in an Apollite community. He is married to Amaranda – an Apollite. He is loyal to Acheron. Amaranda ingests blood of a Daimon while trying to fight for her life and that of her husband. To save Cael, she gives him her blood. Cael’s eyes turn amber with black stripes. This means that they are both Daimon – or are we unsure of what Cael has become?
  • We meet many squires in this book: Otto Carvaletti, Kyle Poitiers, Jessica Adams and Leo Kirby. Leo, who is Susan’s boss, is the Squire Regis for Seattle. He runs the Theti branch.
  • The Dark-Hunters believe that Dangereuse St. Richard is dead.
  • Ravyn was born in 304 BC in ancient Greece. He is completely dead to his family who are still alive. His family lives in Seattle and runs a sanctuary, The Serengeti Club. Ravyn was denounced when he became a Dark-Hunter. Gareth Kontis is Ravyn’s father. Dorian and Phoenix are Rayn’s twin brothers. Dorian has a mate, Terra.
  • The Omerigon, the ruling body of the Were-Hunters, sets the locations of sanctuaries.
  • Acheron assigned Ravyn to Seattle over 200 years ago. Seattle had enough open land to allow Ravyn’s cat form to run. Cael had requested that Ravyn be assigned to Seattle. Cael was the first Dark-Hunter that Ravyn met after being trained by Ash.
  • Ravyn lost the ability to teleport when he became a Dark-Hunter.
  • Doulosi is the name given to humans that help Apollites or Daimons.
  • Ravyn used to sit on the Omerigon. Now, Dorian is his pack’s representative.
  • Savitar asks Ravyn for help – to train the newest Dark-Hunter, Nick Gautier. Savitar reveals to Ravyn that Nick isn’t a typical Dark-Hunter and being around Nick will not drain his Dark-Hunter powers. Savitar tells us that he can’t really train someone to fight. He doesn’t fight; he just kills.
  • Savitar tells Nick to stay away from Charonte demons. He also asks him “Is the life you seek to take worth the one you could one day create? (p.174)” Savitar reminds Nick that there are only 2 people he cares for in the universe and says that Nick isn’t one of them. Interesting fact. Who are the 2 people? I can’t wait to get Savitar’s story sometime in the future.
  • Ravyn asks Savitar if he knows where Ash is. Savitartells him that Ash is unavailable – says that Ash is “double-knotted to a bed post.” Ravyn asks Ash about this later. Ash isn’t too happy that Savitar know this – or that he told Ravyn about it.
  • Savitar is omniscient.
  • Nick’s hatred of Acheron is easy to see. Nick has been missing for almost 2 years. He is angry that he is missing 2 years of his life. Ravyn reminds him that his is missing 2 years of his death.
  • Otto and Nick meet again. Otto had been transferred out of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Otto tries to keep knowledge of Katrina’s devastation from Nick.
  • Satara asks Stryker what Savitar is after Savitar stops her from trying to get at Ravyn and company with the wall of the Serengeti Sanctuary. Stryker doesn’t know know, but says Savitar is what makes everything evil. Savitar scares the gods so much that they try and never mention his name. Satara had never heard of him. Acheron seems to be the only one who doesn’t fear Savitar.
  • Stryker seems to think his plan for Seattle has fallen apart. He would like to move on. Satara convinces him that she can salvage the plan – can make Stryker’s plan to make Ash suffer and destroy Apollymi – happen. Urian is the only thing that Stryker has ever loved. He is angry at Apollymi because he killed Urian for her. Satara has a plan to turn a Dark-Hunter against Ash.
  • Cael has the gift of precognition and he has a premonition of Amaranda’s death. Stryker comes to Cael in order to turn him against Ash. Stryker promises that he can prevent Amaranda’s death at 27 years of age. Stryker asks Cael to join his Illuminati army. Stryker gives Cael a small medallion that can be used to call Stryker.
  • The squire Kyl thought he and Nick were best friends.
  • We meet some other Dark-Hunters: Dragon, Menkaura, Belle, and Zoe. A DH named Troy is dead. He was exposed to daylight in a jail cell.
  • Nick discussed the night he died. He tells others that Kyrian and Amanda also died. Supposedly, Kyrian spilled his guts about Ash while they were both in Tartarus waiting to be ferried across the river. Nick tells them that Ash brought Kyrian and Amanda back to life and that Ash is a god. He also tells the other squires that Ash wiped their memories of the night in New Orleans when Kyrian and Amanda died. He also tells everyone that he believes that Ash is linked to the Daimons somehow. Erika fights with Nick whose attitude is horrid. Erika inadvertently tells Nick about Hurricane Katrina. Nick blames Ash for not stopping the destruction.
  • Acheron arrives in the middle of a Daimon ambush. He tells Susan that he is omniscient.
  • We learn that Nick is immune from Ash’s power to erase memories. Nick taunts Ash with Simi. Ash’s true god-like self comes out for a moment before he can control it. Satara witnesses the enmity between Ash and Nick.
  • Atlantean legend claims that Kalosis was the home of Misos, the Atlantean god of death and violence. Archon, the peaceful king of the Atlantean gods, created Kalosis in order to control Misos. Archon used Kalosis to keep Misos prisoner. Archon later banished his queen to Kalosis for as long as her natural son lived. When her son died, she left Kalosis and destroyed both Atlantis and the Atlantean panthon as the Fates had foreseen. She made her way across Greece intending to destroy the entire world. There is a rumor that the Greed gods were able to stop her and return her to Kalosis.
  • After Apollymi’s imprisonment, she reached out to Stryker to summon him. Stryker sits on the throne made for Misos.
  • Cael first met Ash in 904 BC in Cornwall. He had traded his soul to avenge the death of this wife, brother, mother and sister at the hands of the Vikings. Cael believes that he owes everything to Ash.
  • Stryker sees the death of his second in command, Trates, at the hands of Paul Helig – the human co-conspirator. This act ends his alliance with the humans. Davyn becomes his new second in command.
  • Susan sees Ash’s back which has been beaten badly. He has a small dragon tattoo on his back.
  • Ash is serving one week of submission to Artemis during this book for Danger’s soul. Stryker knows when Ash is with Artemis (and is therefore unavailable to help his DHs) when Satara shows up. Artemis sends her handmaidens away when Ash visits.
  • Satara brings Nick to Stryker (who doesn’t know Stryker’s name). Stryker offers to share his powers with Nick for submission. Stryker will convert Nick by having Nick drink his blood. Nick would then be bound to Stryker and would need to drink Stryker’s blood to survive. Stryker promises Nick that he can have his revenge on Acheron in return. Stryker comments that he now has two of Ash’s Dark-Hunters working against him. Who is the other???
  • Ravyn does not want his soul back. He likes being a Dark-Hunter. He does not want to lose him immortality. He would prefer to blood bond with Susan that they can both be immortal.
  • Nick now has the same swirling silver eyes that Acheron and Stryker have. Nick asks Stryker who he is. He tells Nick that he is the one man after Ash that Nick wants dead. Tells Nick that Nick is now his minion.

Read first September 29, 2008



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