Posted by: Jennifer | September 30, 2008

I Can’t Wait!

When I get home from work tonight, there will be two packages from Amazon waiting for me – one with Lisa Kleypas’ Seduce Me at Sunrise and the other with the anthology My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding. I absolutely adored Mine til Midnightby Kleypas. In this book, we met Cam Rohan and Amanda Hathaway – the main characters. However, we also met Amanda’s sister Win and the mysterious gypsy Merripen who is somewhat part of the family. I have been waiting rather impatiently for Win and Merripen’s story ever since. You can bet that I will be reading this book tonight.

But, I’m willing to bet that before I get to Seduce Me at Sunrise, I will be reading Sherrilyn Kenyon’s A Hard Day’s Nights-Searcher story in the My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding. This past month, I have been on a quest to read all of Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter books. Once I read A Hard Day’s Night-Searcher, I will have completed the quest. I was actually quite sad when I finished reading Dark Side of the Moon– which was the last full length novel of the series that I read (yes, I read them out of order). It seems like an awfully long time until the November 4th release date for Stryker’s story, One Silent Night. Fortunately, I think that I need to go back and read several of the books in the series, including Fantasy Lover, Devil May Cry, Dream Chaser and Acheron because I know that I missed chunks of the story by reading things out of order.

Sigh! I will be a happy girl tonight!



  1. Hi, I’m reading all the Dark-Hunter books now, too. I’m almost finished and kinda bummed about it. I actually started with Acheron and worked my way through the series in order as much as possible. I posted pics on my blog on who I thought most closely resembled the Dark-Hunters: I will be very sad in just a few more books!

  2. I like the pictures!!!

    Yes, it is sad when once gets to the end. Fortunately, Kenyon publishes new novels at a fast pace. 🙂

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