Posted by: Jennifer | September 22, 2008

Fear the Darkness – Sherrilyn Kenyon

Kenyon, Sherrilyn. Fear the Darkness. free ebook from St. Martins Press.

Main Character: Nick Gautier

Related Works: This is part of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter Series. Books in the series include the following:

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  • The Beginning
  • Dragonswan – Channon MacRea and Sebastian
  • Night Pleasures – Kyrian of Thrace and Amanda Devereaux
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  • Phantom Lover
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  • A Dark-Hunter Christmas
  • Kiss of the Night – Wulf Tryggvasen and Cassandra Peters
  • Night Play – Bride McTierney and Vane Kattalakis
  • Winter Born –Dante Pontis and Pandora Kouti (short story in Stroke of Midnight Anthology)
  • Seize the Night – Valerius Magnus and Tabitha Devereaux
  • Sins of the Night – Alexion and Dangereuse St. Richard
  • Second Chances
  • Unleash the Night – Wren Tigerian and Marguerite D’Aubert Goudeau
  • Dark Side of the Moon – Susan Michaels and Ravyn Kontis
  • A Hard-Day’s Night-Searcher – Rafael Santiago and Celena
  • Until Death Do We Part – Esperetta and Velkan
  • Fear the Darkness – short story about Nick Gautier – ebook
  • The Dream Hunter – Arik and Dr. Megeara Kafieri
  • Devil May Cry – Sin and Katra
  • Upon the Midnight Clear – Aidan O’Connor and Leta
  • Dark-Hunter Companion
  • Dream Chaser – Xypher and Simone Dubois
  • Acheron – Acheron and Soteria Kafieri
  • One Silent Night – Strykerius and Zephyra

My Thoughts:

This is a short story about Nick Gautier after he has been turned into a Dark-Hunter. This gives the reader a brief glimpse into what Nick is going through after his mother is murdered, and Artemis turns him into a Dark-Hunter.

Things Learned in this story:

  • Nick has a bite mark from Stryker. Stryker has fed from Nick.
  • Stryker has promised Nick the means to destroy Acheron if Nick obeys him.
  • Nick became Ash’s enemy the night that Ash allowed Nick’s mother Cherise Gautier to die. Nick knew that Ash was a god and could have saved his mother.
  • Stryker promised to help Nick get vengeance on Ash if Nick gave Stryker information on Ash.
  • Nick isn’t really truly one of Artemis’ Dark-Hunters. She doesn’t own his soul (we learned this in earlier story). Nick can walk in daylight, and he has greater powers than many Dark-Hunters. He can also walk in cemeteries.
  • Menyara Gautier is Nick’s aunt and a voodoo priestess. She calls Nick Ambrosius.
  • Nick sees Kyrian, Amanda, Valerius and Tabitha together. He is unsettled that Kyrian has reconciled with Valerius.
  • Satara (Stryker’s half sister) approaches Nick. In this conversation, we learn that Nick is a Daimon Dark-Hunter and that Stryker can see and hear all that Nick sees and hears.
  • Satara tells Nick that Acheron’s mother is still alive and that she is Apollymi, the Great Destroyer. Apollymi is Stryker’s mother and the leader of the Spathi Daimons.
  • Satara tells Nick that Ash has been lying to him – that he controls his mother and that he hurts people for his mother.
  • Satara introduces Nick to Kratos who can bring a soul out of eternal rest. They promise Nick that they will return his mother to him if he brings Kyrian and Amanda’s daughter Marissa to Satara.
  • Nick’s loyalty and Marissa could help Satara and Stryker brind down both the Greek and Atlantean pantheons.

Read first September 2008



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  2. […] Fear the Darkness – short story about Nick Gautier – ebook […]

  3. […] Fear the Darkness – short story about Nick Gautier – ebook […]

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