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Tempted by the Night – Elizabeth Boyle

Boyle, Elizabeth. Tempted by the Night. (New York: Avon, 2008). ISBN – 9780061373220.

Main Characters: Thomas, Earl of Rockhurst (aka the Paratus) and Lady Hermione Marlowe

Date: 1810

Related Works: This is part of Boyle’s the Marlowe Series:

  1. His Mistress by Morning– story of Sebastian Marlowe and Miss Charlotte Wilmont
  2. Tempted by the Night– story of Thomas, Lord Rockhurst and Lady Hermione Marlowe

Description from book:

A Secret Admirer . . .

They say he’s a shameless rake wo cares for nothing but pleasure, a rogue who spends his nights in London’s lustiest locales, gambling and carousing until dawn. But Lady Hermione Marlowe refuses to believe that the handsome gentleman she’s loved from afar for so long could be so wicked. If only she had a way to prove to the ton that Lord Rockhurst is as proper as the rest. If only she knew what he really did under cover of the night . . .

A Clandestine Encounter . . .

Lord Rockhurst knows what they say about him, and he doesn’t care. Let them think his nights are filled with craven debauchery. Only he knows his true purpose, his dangerous goal. But when a mysterious woman falls into this arms – and thereby saves his life – Rockhurst will struggle to save his secret. Who is this creature with such tempting curves and an enticing touch? Rockhurst can only wonder how he can trust her . . . for he knows he cannot resist her.

My Thoughts:

I know that I own His Mistress by Morning. I think I started it, but am not sure that I actually finished it. Throughout the years, I’ve read many of Boyle’s work – and some I like and some I don’t. I’ve definitely tended not to like her stories with paranormal elements. While I read paranormals, I have some aversion to paranormal historicals I have no idea why. It is most odd. When I realized that this novel has those elements, I was a bit bummed. But, I continued to read anyway – and am glad that I did.

Rockhurst certainly isn’t your average English lord. He comes from a long line of warriors who are charged with keeping London free of evil. He is the Paratus, and he prowls London’s streets each night trying to protect humankind. Lady Hermione is a bit of an oddity who wears atrocious colors and has an odd family. She is in love with Rockhurst who doesn’t know she exists. This changes when Hermione finds the ring that Charlotte had in His MIstress by Morningand makes a wish. The unlikely fairly godparents of Quince and Milton must grant the wish. At this point, Hermione finds herself invisible each night and compelled to follow Rockhurst on his evening jaunts.

This invisibility made the story interesting. Despite the fact that he cannot see her, Rockhurst figures out that Hermione is following him. They develop a relationship, although Rockhurst spends a great deal of time trying to figure out who his new lady actually is. Now, I am very sure that I have never read a romance where the hero makes love to an invisible lady. And do you know what? In this instance, it actually worked. Poor Rockhurst doesn’t learn who his lady love is until the end of the book. This was very different. Oddly enough, I think that I am now motivated enough to go back and either finish or reread His Mistress by Morning.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing Tempted By the Night! The invisibility / paranormal element sounded weird to me. I may give it a read now.

  2. Laura, you are welcome. I have a tendency to not like the paranormal element in my historical romances. I have to say that I didn’t find it off-putting in this instance.

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