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Seduction of a Proper Gentleman – Victoria Alexander

Alexander, Victoria. Seduction of a Proper Gentleman. (New York: Avon, 2008). ISBN – 9780061449468

Main Characters: Oliver Leighton, the Earl of Norcroft and Lady Kathleen MacDavid

Date: 1854

Related Works: “Four most desirable gentlemen have wagered one shilling a piece and a bottle of cognac that will go to the last unmarried man standing…” The four men are Gideon Pearsall, Viscount Pearsall; Nigel Cavendish; Oliver Leighton, Earl of Norcroft; and Daniel Sinclair.

  1. Gideon is the first to wed in A Little Bit Wicked.
  2. Nigel is the second in What a Lady Wants.
  3. Daniel is the third in Secrets of a Proper Lady.
  4. Oliver is the fourth to marry in Seduction of a Proper Gentleman.

Description from book:

He’s the last unmarried man still standing . . . but not for long.

To break a centuries-old curse, beautiful, headstrong Lady Kathleen MacDavid knows she must ignore every rule of propriety by seducing – and marrying – the Earl of Norcroft. So she sets off for London, braving scandal and ruin to achieve her goal . . . until a crazy bump on the head makes her forget nearly everything.

The thrill of wimming a bet – that he’d be the last of his set to wed – hasn’t eased the earl’s pain of losing his friends to marriage. Still, he’d be willig to settle down if he could meet someone worthy of his love – and desire. But he has met no such woman, until Kathleen is brough to him. Suspicious of her motives, he’s determined to resist her seductive ways. But sometimes even the most proper gentleman find sit expedient to act improperly . . .

My Thoughts:

My overwhelming thought about this book is that is was a great deal of fun to read. From the beginning, I loved Aunt Hannah – a rather wacky Scottish woman who accompanies Kathleen on her quest to meet and marry the Earl. She seems to be a practicer of magic, although I get the impression that she very rarely gets any of her spells to work. Kathleen certainly seems to doubt that there is any real magical abilities in her family. However, she does get something right when she causes her niece to fall and end up with amnesia. This allows Hannah to drop Kate off at the home of Oliver who is the Earl of Norcroft – thus, forcing the two young people to be in each others company. It is at this point, that we meet Oliver’s mother – a wonderful woman who may or may not know more than she lets on.

As the story progresses, I admit that I lost track of the spells, the magic, the curse and other machinations going on. I often dislike stories with these types of elements. However, I thought they added quite a bit to the story – and were never taken all that seriously. Love did really conquer all – and Oliver and Kathleen married because of love rather than a curse. I really did have so much fun reading this book. All of the characters were quite wonderful. It was also nice to read the epilogue in which the four friends – Gideon, Nigel, Daniel and Oliver – get together 30 years later to drink the infamous bottle of cognac (that Oliver won in the original bet).

All in all, a very enjoyable series. This one may be my favorite by virtue of the characters that helped pave the way for Oliver and Kathleen’s love – Aunt Hannah, Oliver’s mother, Uncle Malcolm, Mr. Berkley and Oliver’s three wards. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want relatives like these around for long, but they made for an excellent story.

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