Posted by: Jennifer | June 9, 2008

One Moonlit Night – Samantha James

James, Samantha. One Moonlit Night. (New York: Avon, 1998). ISBN – 9780380786091.

Main Characters: Dominic St. Bride, Earl of Ravenwood and Olivia Sherwood

Date: 1821

Description from Book:

The Vicar’s Daughter

Forced to leave her home in the vicarage, proud and resolute Olivia Sherwood has hired on at Ravenwood Hall, where preparation for the new earl’s arrival is underway. At first glance, Olivia stands transfixed by the dashing gallant with eyes dark and gleaming in the moonlight. Though his origins are shadowed in secrets, and Olivia knows better than to trust a man she’s never met, she is intoxicated by him.

The Dark Earl

Crossing the threshold of his new home Dominic St. Bride, the Earl of Ravenwood, sees suspicion in the faces of everyone surrounding him – for his staff knows of his illegitimate birth and dubious background. Yet the radiant face of a beautiful servant intrigues him. Although the familiar wariness flares in Olivia’s eyes, Dominic senses a smoldering desire there as well, and he determines to claim her. But can his passionate soul win the unlikely devotion of the defiant maid – and can she redeem him with her unconditional love?

My Thoughts:

This was a very cute story. Olivia Sherwood has had a difficult couple of years in which she lost her father, lost her home and had to deal with the loss of her sister’s eyesight. In order to survive, Olivia had to find employment. Fortunately, the new “Gypsy” earl of Ravenwood has decided to open his estate. As such, Olivia is hired as a servant at the estate. Dominic is taken with Olivia from the moment he meets her.

The biggest problem that the two have to overcome is Dominic’s heritage. He is the son of a Gypsy mother who was not married to his father. However, his father was unable to have any other children of his own. As such, he took a young Dominic from his mother and legitimized his birth in order to make Dominic his heir. Despite this, Dominic’s father never forgot or forgave his son for his Gypsy heritage. Olivia’s father, meanwhile, was murdered by a Gypsy, coloring her view of them.

Fortunately, all works out. Olivia learns to overcome her prejudices. Dominic comes to be accepted in the local community. Both find their true love. Sigh!

Read first in June 2008


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