Posted by: Jennifer | May 31, 2008

Boss Man – Diana Palmer

Palmer, Diana. Boss Man. (New York: Silhouette, 2005). ISBN – 9780373302161. Part of Silhouette’s Bestselling Author Collection. Republished in May 2008.

Main Characters: Blake Kemp and Violet Hardy

Related Works: This book takes place in Jacobsville, Texas. Many characters from Palmer’s previous works appear in the storyline.

Description from Book:

He had a reputation to uphold.

Hotheaded lawyer Blake Kemp didn’t want the tender ministrations of his assistant to get in his way. But he only had to lose his temper once before pretty Violet left him in a cloud of Texas dust. Being smart as well as stubborn, Blake knew he had to hire her back. And make sure that this time business didn’t mess with matters of the heart . . . on or off the job!

My Thoughts:

Diana Palmer is one of my all-time favorite authors. I got hooked on her stories when I was a teenager – and, as such, can’t pass them up. While many of the storylines and plots are very similar in Palmer’s works, the characters more than make up for that fact. I have to admit that one of my favorite parts of this book is when Violet quits her job with Blake Kemp and takes one with Blake’s enemy, Duke Wright. I have always wondered if we would ever find out if Duke finds happily ever after (with his estranged wife or someone else)?

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  2. I love Diana Palmer too. She’s one of my all-time favorites.

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