Posted by: Jennifer | May 17, 2008

No Ordinary Man – Suzanne Brockmann

Brockmann, Suzanne. No Ordinary Man. (New York: Harlequin, 1990). ISBN – 9780373302239. Harlequin Intrigue – Bestselling Author Collection.

Main Characters: Rob Carpenter and Jess Baxter

Description from book:

He was the sexiest guy she’d ever met.

And that was about all Jess Baxter knew about her newest tenant. Rob Carpenter was a master at dodging questions . . . and igniting her desires. With just one of his searing kisses, Jess was hotter than the Florida sun.

Then the murders started – all women who looked like her. And the profile of the killer matched Rob . . . Was he an innocent victim – or had his burning kisses only been a smoke screen? One thing was certain: Rob Carpenter was no ordinary man.

My Thoughts:

In this book, Rob Carpenter moves into an apartment Jess Baxter and her daughter Kelsey have for rent. Jess and Rob are very attracted to each other despite Rob’s belief that he can not afford to get involved with anyone. However, he can’t quite make himself stay away from Jess or her daughter. In the mean time, there is a serial killer stalking the community of Sarasota – killing women who look a lot like Jess. Additionally, Jess’ ex-husband Ian is hanging around causing trouble. Then, the FBI shows up to convince Jess that the serial killer knows her. They, of course, come to believe that Rob is the culprit.

Despite all of this, Jess and Rob do manage to fall in love. All in all, I enjoyed this book. I do tend to like Brockmann’s longer stories better because they allow for more in depth character development. However, this was a fun and quick read.

Read first May 2008


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