Posted by: Jennifer | March 8, 2008

Shifter – Angela Knight, Lora Leigh, Alyssa Day & Virginia Kantra

Knight, Angela, Lora Leigh, Alyssa Day & Virginia Kantra. Shifter. (New York: Berkley, 2008). ISBN – 9780425220351.

This is an anthology that includes the following works: Mad Dog Love by Angela Knight, A Jaguar’s Kiss by Lora Leigh, Shifter’s Lady by Alyssa Day and Sea Crossingby Virginia Kantra.

Description from book:

In this seductive anthology, four masters of paranormal romance explore the boundaries of erotic shape-shifting fantasy – and shatter them.

Something happens when the beast within is teased and tempted. Something dangerous. Something inescapable. Something so irresistible no woman would want to run from it.

Whether transforming beneath a cool blue moon, prowling the night streets with feline grace and bloodred talons, or panting with pleasure, the shifters come alive to fulfill your wildest fantasies . . .

Knight, Angela. Mad Dog Love.

Main Characters: Rance Conlan and Zarifa Lorezo

Date: 2450

My Thoughts:

In this story, Rance Conlan, who is a werewolf shape-shifter,  has been betrayed and sold into slavery. He is consumed with figuring out who has betrayed him. Then, a disguised Zarifa Lorezo purchased Rance to use for protection. She is running from her guardian and fiance who have been holding her hostage for most of her adult life. Of course, Rance and Zarifa’s problems are intertwined. As they race throughout the galaxy to find the true imperial ruler, Rance and Zarifa find passion with each-other. Eventually, they are able to help vanquish the enemy and restore the true heir to the throne. I enjoyed this story. It took me a bit to get used to the futuristic world that Angela Knight had created. However, it was not too complicated. As always, my main complaint with stories in anthologies is length. I do often find it difficult to truly get into short stories. I would have loved to have witnessed more of Rance and Zarifa’s developing relationship.

Leigh, Lora. A Jaguar’s Kiss.

Main Characters: Natalie Ricci and Saban Broussard

Related Works: This is one of Lora Leigh’s the Breeds Series. See Lora Leigh’s Breed Chronology. This series includes the following:

My Thoughts:
As a HUGH Lora Leigh fan, this story is the reason that I purchased this book. As with all of the works in her Breed series, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Natalie Ricci has applied to teach school in a community where Breed children will go to public school. Saban Broussard is the jaguar breed sent to bring Natalie to Buffalo Gap. Once she arrives in Buffalo Gap, Saban also serves as her personal bodyguard. Saban is able to resist Natalie for a while, but eventually, he gives in to his need to kiss her – and, as such, bind her to him with his breed kiss. Natalie doesn’t appreciate the fact that Saban kisses her and takes away her ability to choose Saban as her mate. Then, there is her ex-husband who refuses to believe their marriage is over. This, of course, complicates Natalie and Saban’s relationship. Fortunately, it all works out in the end. Natalie’s husband eventually sees the light, Natalie realizes she loves Saban and Saban gets his mate. Overall, I liked the story – liked Natalie and Saban. I can’t wait for the next installment in the Breed series.

Day, Allysa. Shifter’s Lady.

Main Characters: Ethan and Marie

Kantra, Virginia. Sea Crossing.

Main Characters: Emma March and Griffin



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