Posted by: Jennifer | March 1, 2008

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Charlene Teglia

Teglia, Charlene. Satisfaction Guaranteed. (New York: St. Martin’s Griffin, 2008). ISBN – 9780312369453.

Stories: Hard Match, The Perfect Stranger, and Ex Marks the Spot

Main Characters: Rachel Law and Chase Hunter in Hard Match; Sabrina Daniels and Kane Woods in The Perfect Stranger; and Emma Michaels and Gage Michaels in Ex Marks the Spot.

Description from book:

Welcome to the Capture Agency, a dating service for dominant men who know what they like and how they like it – and women who can handle limitless pleasure. After being matched with a partner, the male will capture his date and make her a slave to passion. This exclusive service is for couples who aren’t afraid to push the limits, let go of their inhibitions, and lose themselves in the fantasy.

Clients include Chase Hunter, the agency’s owner, who decides to break his cardinal rule against dating clients and capture a woman for the first time; Kane Woods, a man of superior size and strength, who’s always had to rein in his desires – until now; and Gage Michael[s], who learns that his ex is using the service . . . and decides to capture her. Will these couples enjoy a hot romp between the sheets, or will they capture each other’s hearts?

My Thoughts:

In this book, Charlene Teglia tells separate stories about three women co-workers, Rachel Law, Sabrina Daniels and Emma Michaels, who each decide to spice up their love lives by utilizing the services of a unique dating service known as the Capture Agency. The Capture Agency promises to match women with dominant men who can help to fulfill fantasies of bondage and capture.

In the first story, Rachel Law is matched with a reluctant Chase Hunter. Chase is actually the owner of the Capture Agency who has a rule about dating clients. However, once he meets Rachel, Chase can’t walk away. He captures her and takes her to his weekend home for a weekend of passion. In the second story, Sabrina Daniels yearns for some adventure on the high seas at the mercy of a pirate. Kane Woods, who indeed owns a boat, is Sabrina’s match. Despite worrying about their 15-year age difference, Kane can’t withstand a determined Sabrina. The last story centers around Emma and Gage Michaels, a couple who have been married for about 15 years. Emma has left her husband believing that Gage has begun an affair with his secretary. She engages the services of the Capture Agency, and Gage figures out a way to be man who captures her – for good.

All in all, I enjoyed the book very much. Ex Marks the Spot, Emma and Gage’s story, was by far my favorite of the three. Their story was the most believable – and the sexiest of the stories. The description of the book bills this as a tale about capture, bondage and domination. While the men might consider themselves to be dominant, I didn’t find this to be a major them of the book. Gage turned out to be the most dominant in his relations with his wife – and well, that might be why I liked Emma and Gage’s story best.  🙂

Read first on February 29, 2008


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