Posted by: Jennifer | February 23, 2008

White Heat – Cherry Adair

Adair, Cherry. White Heat.(New York: Ballantine, 2007). ISBN – 9780345476456.

Main Characters: Max Aries and Emily Greene

Related Works:This is the 11th book in Cherry Adair’s The Men of T-FLAC series. Currently, the books in this series include the following: The Mercenary (1994, re-released in 2008), Kiss and Tell (2000), Hide and Seek (2001), In too Deep (2002), Out of Sight (2003), On Thin Ice (2004), Hot Ice (2005), Edge of Danger (2006), Edge of Fear (2006), Edge of Darkness (2006), White Heat (2007), Night Fall (2008 – not yet published), and Night Secrets (2008 – not yet published).

Description from book:

The last person on earth that art restorer Emily Greene wants to see is the devil-may-care Max Aries. She hasn’t forgotten (or forgiven) the way Max dropped into her life a year ago, stole her heart, then vanished without a word. But the prodigal playboy returns with shocking news: His father’s recent death was no suicide, but in fact murder . . . and Emily’s life is also in danger. Intel from Max’s control at the counterterrorist organization T-FLAC reveals that the Black Rose terror cell is involved: a chilling revelation that elevates the threat level almost as high as the sexual tension bristling between Max and Emily. Max isn’t about to take his eyes off her – though only partly for professional reasons – and Emily finds it increasingly difficult to deny her feelings for him. Crisscrossing Europe and piecing together tantalizing clues to a sinister plot, Max and Emily must put their lives on the line . . . and still be ready when the heat between them flares white hot.

My Thoughts:

This is only the second Cherry Adair book that I have read – I read the re-released version of The Mercenary earlier this month. I definitely enjoyed White Heat. Max and Emily’s story had plenty of sexual tension, action, adventure and suspense. The book was easy to read. The plot was a bit complicated, but not too confusing to follow. I thought the story was fun to read – and will look forward to reading to more of Adair’s works.

Read first on February 10, 2008



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