Posted by: Jennifer | February 23, 2008

The Executive’s Surprise Baby – Catherine Mann

Mann, Catherine. The Executive’s Surprise Baby. (New York: Silhouette, 2007). ISBN – 9780373768370. Silhouette Desire #1837, December 2007.

Main Characters: Brooke Garrison and Jordan Jefferies

Related Works: This is part of a multi-author series about the Garrisons. The series includes the following works: 1) The CEO’s Scandalous Affair by Roxane Clair (July 2007), 2) Seduced by the Wealthy Playboy by Sara Orwig (August 2007), 3) Millionaire’s Wedding Revenge by Anna DePalo (September 2007), 4) Stranded with the Tempting Stranger by Brenda Jackson (October 2007), 5) Secrets of the Tycoon’s Bride by Emilie Rose (November 2007) and 6) The Executive’s Surprise Baby by Catherine Mann (Deceber 2007).

Description from book:

A scandalous pregnancy

Telling her high-society family she was about to be an unwed mother had been tough. So how could she possibly inform the Garrison clan that the baby’s father was their archenemy? Brooke planned to keep the paternity secret . . . then millionaire hotel mogul Jordan Jefferies learned the truth. And he was not about to let her fear of scandal stop him from claiming his child. Or from making Brooke his wife.

My Thoughts:

This is a cute story. I didn’t really believe that problems with Brooke’s alcoholic mother, Bonita Garrison, could be solved so easily. Bonita was a vicious drunk who said some rather unforgivable things to her family. It seemed to easy that Brooke’s brothers put her in a recovery program and 4 weeks later she was a changed woman – just in time for the wedding. However, that was a minor part of the plot. Overall, I did like the story – especially Jordan Jefferies. I loved the glimpse that we got into his mind as he tried to develop a strategy to overcome Brooke’s objections to marrying him. I do think that because this was the first of the book in this series about the Garrisons, I missed some of the more important parts of the overall story. That was a bit of a bummer – but, of course, one that could be remedied by reading the rest of the books.

Read first February 2008



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